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    This is groundbreaking.
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    At first I was going to write that you're full of shit but actually..

    What did you expect if you burn through content this quickly? You probably have played WAY TOO MUCH in these 9 days and Blizzard cannot make thousands of hours of content each patch for these people.
    If you want to burn through content then please do so, but don't come whine on the forums that there is no content left to do.

    On the other hand. You've got a point because eventually heroics will get faceroll for everyone when everyone is in your gear level, perhaps two months from now. That is a bit saddening though, especially if I see how little it takes. I was hoping to at least need the next Tier for it to become faceroll.

    Well I guess TotalBiscuit was right after all, we needed more if you screw up you get one-shot abilities rather than abilities that do a certain amount of damage which can be negated once you have a sufficient amount of high gear. That way heroics remain about the same difficulty level as they were before, surely they would get easier but not complete faceroll. Note; That is just my point of view, and has always been.

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    I don't see why people think wrath heroics were easy at first.

    HoL, HoS, UP? Way harder than what we have now. And we got glory the first week. I didn't even bother with glory for awhile in wrath cause it was hard.

    We're AoEing every trash pull cept HoO's beginning trash, and some Deadmines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkidulgaa View Post
    They are still by far more involving than Wrath heroics. There are some mechanics that cant be ignored. Shatter on ozruk for example.
    Also, dont forget that you know the tactics in and out probably.
    Thats a lie!

    Hunter tanking pet on Ozruk = ignore everything execept auto attack damage!
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    Ok im guessing here, but im pretty sure your inturrupting the casters or stunning them out or whatever, theres no way your simply soaking up all of that damage even if your geared and your healer doesn't OOM.

    The heroics are fun and a challenge I can log on with mates and enjoy a heroic again, rather then be disspointed at heroics being to easy along with the raids of WOTLK.

    No ones pushed me to chain pull as a tank yet and people are starting to wise up to marks, we've come a long way since Wrath

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    You have obtained better gear than the HC has to offer, congrats. The HC's are now a lot easier, surprised? You shouldn't be, why? Because if the gear you have now obtained did not make you that much stronger, then you would be able to jump straight into raids and skip HC completely. Besides, what's the point in doing HC's except for the gear? Yeah you can farm reputation perhaps, or chaos orbs, congrats?

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    At this point in wrath I was doing heroics with a dps DK tanking in dps gear and spec in frost pres, and myself in as boomkin. I wouldn't dare that now.

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    you said you have your own group of people who farmed the hell out of heroics with you and know all the mechanics, of course it's going to be easy.

    Try pugging it.

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    I'd like the current heroic difficulty to be the difficulty of normals. And then up the difference of heroics to a step above the current ones.

    Something along those lines..

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    Maybe you should slow down then... and listen to your loading screen.

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    The whole point is to enjoy the expansion for what it is and appreciate the work that goes into these dungeons if your gonna QQ about how quickly you can get gear then you should have took your time and quest some more in zones.

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    I'm done gearing from Heroics and Reputation. I'm damn glad of it too, I had my fun in Heroics but now I have Raids.

    If you intend to blast through things don't complain when you get bored. I did near all (excluding one reputation which I finished just the other day) my gearing up in the first 4-5 days, and I have zero regrets because I knew how I wanted to play and what I was getting into.
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    I have 10 achievements left to finish for my volcanic drake and don't know what else to do after I get that while I wait for the rest of my guild to gear up for raids.
    - PvP
    - Rep Farm / Quest Clear
    - Proffessions
    - Farming / Monies
    - Alts
    - Play something else?
    - Go outside / overtime / xmas shopping..

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    I've had mixed experiences with dungeons the last week. Even in guild groups.
    If you're skilled enough you'll plough through regardless of gear. If you're a %$&£ing scrub you'll still die. You're lucky you had a skilled group.

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    The original post lost the purpose of the thread. Heroics are made to overgear them. You get the gear in them to run them easier. If you don't like to run heroics go raids, heroic raids, bgs, arenas, grinding, achievements, professions, questing..RPing after all.

    Many things can be done in the game..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkaCore View Post
    I was enjoying cata for the first week, but I find myself getting bored again. I have 10 achievements left to finish for my volcanic drake and don't know what else to do after I get that while I wait for the rest of my guild to gear up for raids. Disappointing expectations of difficulty are disappointing. =/
    Looks like you rushed through the content too quickly. Roll an alt?

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    You overgeared the Wrath heroic just being in full epic Burning Crusade gear, so it's alright that after two weeks people start overgearing them a bit.

    Now try to overgear the raids.

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    Playing for excessive amounts of time each day will cause you to out gear the content quickly, this is news to you?

    Blizzard seem to want you to do 1-2 a day and take about a week to 1.5 weeks to level to 85, so the overall experience should of lasted about 3 weeks to 1 month depending on your luck or the amount of different reps you need to grind

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    Sounds like you should either get a life or start PvPing and getting some of the really hard achievements.

    Hate to break this to you but 5 man heroics aren't going to be an extreme challenge for very long.

    p.s. I say "get a life" with love, but seriously, a social life will make you feel a lot less bored.
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    Well, gratz on your achievements.
    You did the overgearing on a week, i did it too, some of my friends, but i'm sure it's not the baseline.
    Most people are still having problems, others are still leveling, can you imagine that?!

    The biggest 'yay' i'm finding is that people are really learning how to do their jobs. I usually run with 2 close friends, and we pug 2 dps. As we got to our first heroics, it was a pain asking for CC or even following marks. Now people are getting used to the new mechanics and things are going smoothier.

    As on 'what to do now', the obvious step is start raiding. That is the expected flow of the PvE of the game. If you dont like it, or wont do it, try pvping, arenas, doing loremaster, fishing, hunting rare spawns, AH speculating, farming money, level new professions, exploring, getting exalted with all available factions, leveling an alt, going for 'the insane' or even idling on a major city and trolling on trade. Seriously, WoW is one of the few games that is HARD for you to say that you 'have nothing else to do'.

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