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    The solution is pretty simple...if you don't like it, QUIT.

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    Meh gear still wont carry noobs that can't find there interupts. so yeah, And outgearing is going to happen anyway.

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    Well, the plan is to release new heroics with every content patch so you could wait for those.. but then againheroics aren't meant to be the endgame. Once you outgear them, you're supposed to do raids.. and then HM raids. If you decide to skip that part, you can't really complain, rather do achievements, PvP or whatever as if you don't have time to raid, you probably don't play more than 2h a day and there should be plenty to do till 4.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milanor View Post
    PvP, RP, Achievements, and Vanity Items all say hi!

    Not to mention alts. Or just chillin' with the homies.
    Ssss, dont tell them there is more to this game then gear and instances!

    I play pretty much all day, I am pretty much equipped with everything from heroics, and I still find myself a busy bunny wih more then enough to do to keep me busy, I got professions to lvl on alts so I can keep myself self supplied with everything I need(pots, flasks, gems, enchants, glyphs), and I've not even touched arch yet, nor done the goblin/worgen startign areas neither have I done all the new quests in the revamped low lvl zones. And we have started raiding slowly(slacking due to to christmas).

    Theres nothing wrong with this expansion, it's not a fail by Blizzard when you run with a fixed group to blitz through said content as fast as humanly possible just so you can come here and complain about it afterwards, that said I did blitz through everything quite fast, but I still have as I said shit loads of stuff to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noakh View Post
    Umm, read the front page... go ahead, I'll wait.

    O wow the blue post confirming was right in front of your eyes!

    And just in case you missed it,

    Dungeons & Raids
    Halls of Origination

    * The damage of Fireballs automatically cast by Temple Fireshaper with Molten Barrier active has been adjusted in normal and Heroic difficulty.
    * The damage of Pact of Darkness cast by Temple Shadowlancer has been adjusted in normal and Heroic difficulty.

    Lost City of Tol'vir

    * Siamat will cast Deflecting Winds after a few seconds of entering combat regardless of any abilities used against him at the start of the encounter.
    * The damage of Dust Flail cast by Lockmaw has been adjusted in normal difficulty.

    The Stonecore

    * The Crystal Shards creatures in the Corborus encounter are now level 86, down from 88.

    Seem i wasn't that wrong after all...

    Go see the front page, if you haven't already. The changes you are talking about are fixes and for each fix that makes heroics easier there are 2 that make it harder. So what you said wasn't very correct now was it?

    Also improve your attitude a little bit, condescending is not the best social trait one can have ok?
    Quote Originally Posted by Oradraffe View Post
    MoP is not happening i can promise that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tric619 View Post
    Been playing since week 1 and still believe Mop is the next expac? >.>
    Quote Originally Posted by Feyrzhuk View Post
    MoP will never be a WoW expansion. Feel free to flame and ridicule me should I be proven wrong.

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    Three weeks into the expansion I can tell you that if you didn't devote 72 straight hours to leveling and gearing like some people in my guild did, the content is still new, exciting, and difficult. In case you haven't noticed, expansions last for about 1 year. So, you have 1 year to enjoy this content. Maybe you should stretch it out a little instead of trying to speed race through it in 1 week? Same thing with raids. Paragon killing heroic 25 omnitron? Like, what do those people do now?

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    Sounds to me like your issue is you play entirely to much WoW...

    Yup, thats it.

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    That's because sir OP, you burned through content so fast. I've been 85 for over a week now and I still don't have all 346 gear. Been doing every single quest line in every single new area because I like lore, doing heroics in between.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmifra View Post
    Seem i wasn't that wrong after all...

    Go see the front page, if you haven't already. The changes you are talking about are fixes and for each fix that makes heroics easier there are 2 that make it harder. So what you said wasn't very correct now was it?

    Also improve your attitude a little bit, condescending is not the best social trait one can have ok?
    The Stonecore one makes sense. The Crystals were at a higher level than the boss, which did not make any sense.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, this is just your typical "I qq because I can qq, so qq I shall" thread. Move along, nothing to see.

    Dear audience, I apologize for the interruption, this is your typical "I spam because I can" post. Move along, nothing to see. -Nye
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    If you leveled in 3 days and are already in full heroic gear, you are not in the majority pool of players. Blizzard has designed raids for you to continue your progress. I doubt highly you've cleared a full raid yet, or downed a single heroic raid boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlord View Post
    you know you can only enter hcs if you have ilvl of 329. so yea they gonna be a bit of a challenge if your gear is ilvl 327.
    You can cheat the system by simply holding better gear in your bags. It's not about the gear you have ON, it's about potential gear you COULD have.

    I'm at 327, but holding two pieces of revered Ramkahen gear in my bags gives me enough of a score to enter heroics.

    Not to mention the fact that you can still just stroll in through the instance portal with a premade group. :P

    OT: Like others have said: what did you expect? Heroics are for gearing for raids. Go raid, go help your guildies get ready to raid, or go do something else entirely. Just because you've finished the content up until raiding doesn't mean even the MAJORITY of the player base has gotten through it or even to it. It took me almost a week of leveling to get to 85, and from what I understand this was mostly the norm for most players. Some people simply don't have the time to play for hours and hours a day. It was difficult until you got all the gear you needed. Is this news?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkidulgaa View Post
    They are still by far more involving than Wrath heroics. There are some mechanics that cant be ignored. Shatter on ozruk for example.
    Also, dont forget that you know the tactics in and out probably.
    Not true. I have 160k and he only brings me down to around 30k or so. I can tank shatter :P

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    Idk, I'm still having fun leveling a worgen from scratch and a goblin from scratch and getting all my alts to 85. Those heroics arent going anywhere so there is no need for me to get bored with them this early in the xpack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmbrandon View Post
    I don't see why people think wrath heroics were easy at first.

    HoL, HoS, UP? Way harder than what we have now. And we got glory the first week. I didn't even bother with glory for awhile in wrath cause it was hard.

    We're AoEing every trash pull cept HoO's beginning trash, and some Deadmines.
    Gotta go was a RNG fest

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    Umm it's not Blizz's fault you blew through the content so quickly.
    WTB talented signature creators!

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    Obviously TROLL. 117 replies, god u got em man I give u that.

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