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    Average iLevel to start 25man raids?

    Average guild (we killed LK in 10 and 25normal and a few heroic bosses, that's it).
    What is the average ilevel you guys think we need to start raiding in 25 mode? We are thinking Halfus.

    340? 345? 350?
    I don't want to start undergeared and some exceptional players might be able to kill him in 333s but, we're not that great
    Many thanks

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    Full Heroic Blues or better.

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    I Think the avg item level for entering raids is ~346ilvl.
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    If you have most of the loot available through heroic 5-mans, best gear available via reputation, as well as crafted epic gear, then you're definitely set to take on Halfus. I guess that would make you 348ish average item level.

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