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    Tol'vir digsites at 450?

    Hey i got to 450 and guides says that Tol'vir should be available now. I was logged out for two hours just now and i still don't have any sites, any help?

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    Tol'vir dig sites locations are shared with Kalimdor / Eastern Kingdoms dig sites' location.

    So you should go on farming Kalimdor / Eastern Kingdoms dig sites, and Tol'vir dig sites will appear

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    Hey mate, what you have to do is keep on digging on kalimdor til the digsite appears in Uldum, took me 3 hours to make one appear,

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    Your gonna have to keep on digging on Kalimdor to get the digsites, and remembering that the digsites you are given ARE generated randomly

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    To clarify.

    Once you reach 450 archaeology, the Tol'vir dig site have a chance to appear in Uldum.

    That doesn't mean you automatically get Tol'vir dig sites when you hit 450.

    They also only spawn in Uldum, so it may be the case that you have to keep clearing other dig sites in Kalimdor endlessly trying to get an Uldum site to spawn. The downside of the Tol'vir having most of the really nice rare items, I guess (Bug Mount, Crawling Hand pet, BoA lvl 85 epics, etc. etc.)

    Does get a little demoralising when your first Tol'vir rare is that goddamn Scarab trinket with the 1hr40min cd (!!) though. 150 fragments takes a llllllong time.

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