Hello, friends.

I always asked myself why do staves generally suck vs Mainhand + Offhand, lacking tons of spell damage and being super slow, making totem killing uneasy; But this season Blizzard came up with new design. Here is the comparison of stats (I took epic 359 crit dagger and offhand, and a crit staff).

Stat MH OH Sum Staff
Int 146 190 336 341 (+5)
SP 1954 0 1954 1955 (+1)
Crit 97 127 224 228 (+4)
Res 97 127 224 228 (+4)
Sta 219 236 505 512 (+7)

As you can see, staff suddenly appears to actually have more stats! Also the speed is 2.0, which is totally acceptable.

But, here comes the new disaster: enchants. There are no staff-specific enchants, so you end up with Hurricane/Power Torrent on dagger / staff and 100 intellect on offhand.

So, I wanted to ask, what is the point in caster staves? In wotlk they at least had more "secondary" stats, such as crit / haste.

Also there is a chance that proc rate is different on daggers and staves, but Wowhead does not state anything about that.