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    [Request]Jewelcrafting! What Recipes to buy for maximizing profit!

    Hello i was wondering which gems sell alot ?
    I currently have Brilliant Inferno Ruby recipe and today i got my third token and i don't know what to buy thanks in advance!
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    I was making good money with bold inferno rubies and sparkling ocean sapphires at 300g buyouts. Too much competition in the bolds now, and they are down to almost half that. Really, just record each of the names of the gems... search those gems a couple times a day on your servers AH. Buy the ones that are either up on the AH the LEAST, as you will have more control over that market, or that sell reliably high.

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    Have about 3000 gold per day on 40 Haste gems. BO about 80 gold but they are very popular.

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    Ty for haste gem tip bought them uncut 50g and sell them cut 220g each x)))
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    It would almost always depend on your server economy. Usually you should go for brilliant and bold first, then quick, reckless, solid, and after that it's pretty much up to you to decide what you wanna take your chances with.
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