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    TB did get his hat AND its from a worgen questchain involving *drum roll* Greymane!

    OT: iv seen this happen on my own rogue worgen personlly i just love how retarder it looks with this human "running wild" with his AWSOME hat, now all i want for x-mas is the shades from the dude in the cnematic
    You can get a monacle from *Wrath fishing daily i believe?* If not a mob in BRD drops a monacle for sure. He's the surveymaster i think around the golems (stone staircase) Problem is that it classes as a head item slot.

    Aha! found it

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    A really cool one to try is in Throne of Tides. When you use the elevator on the second floor, other people can mount you on your running wild form. It also attaches that person to your should so it looks really random and awesome at the same time. Every time we go, we can't stop laughing!

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    Don't go to Goldshire in that position.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jyash View Post
    bah worgen!
    How can you have ZERO POSTS.

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    I find this quite

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    Quote Originally Posted by palpableimmunity View Post
    Don't go to Goldshire in that position.


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    How can you have ZERO POSTS.
    Posting in this section doesnt bump your postcount
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    This explains a lot.

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    I think its all full of win. My friend had a glitch on his screen once where it wasn't showing a priests mount, but it showed the mount on my screen. He thought that preist was booking it on foot, it was pretty hilarious when I got to see it on his screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkushio View Post
    Hey, at least you could pretend to be Kenyan in the olympics.

    *badum tish*
    I lol'd.

    On topic: This is full of win, if only he actually ran on all fours, that'd be awesome.

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    Pretty sweet i think xD

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    That looks ... well, kinda strange.

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    i wish that could happen to me, would be quite epic.

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    Lmao, Pretty Win, imo
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    Your a warrior named Worgadin, self explanatory.

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    That's pretty cool, I agree it's hard to see at that angle

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    lol, nice bugs

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    what the hell xD

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    lol fail on computers part

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    The most fail thing I see in that screenshot is you still have strike on your bars when you have heroic strike =P just kidding! Ive been trying to intentionally cause that to happen for a week now, can't get it.

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