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    Usually 2k for one.

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    I pass them for free, but every time i read topic like this, i have to force myself to not start needing, so much arogance, only because some ppl can use them.

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    But aren't tehy soulbound? :X

    No, but really. I'd say probably around 1k to 1.5k or maybe 2k if you're really greedy and CAN make that much off of it.

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    Honestly, I can't see myself ever paying more than 500 for just the orb, assuming I have all the other mats. They're not that hard to get, hell, my guilds MT doesn't charge anything for just the orb.

    Then again, every little thing in the game is costing at least 1k right now, which is just ridiculous.
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    some bastard tried to charge me for 5kk/EACH orb!!! :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by mittacc View Post
    some bastard tried to charge me for 5kk/EACH orb!!! :S
    Yea, 5 million gold is a little overkill for one orb.

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    Dunno i dont like them being soulbound anyway. I do the same effort for the heroics as the crafter people and i need the items too. I pass on them in heroics but i have to pay for them when i want a item? Seems unfair but thats wow i think. Wouldnt pay much more than 500-1000g if i really wanted an item. Just hoping they remove bop like they did in bc for example soon.

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    Pristine hides are 1k each on my server, so the least you should charge is that much imo unless you have like a stack of them that you want to get rid of.
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