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    What do you do while fishing?

    so, what do you guys do while you're fishing?

    So this is what i do: I find songs, and have a sing along with myself. think it's kinda fun actually^^

    Anyone else have any other thing they do while fishing?

    Cheers <3

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    listen to music.

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    hmm i was on my 2nd screen back then and was on youtube ;3

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    Always fun with youtube while fishing ^^

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    Usually skype with friends, or try to have a really fast reaction time and click the mili-second it bobs.

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    browsing internet

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    Real life or WoW? Since this is the Off-Topic forum, WoW discussion would be kinda boring. When I go out fishing in a boat every once in a while, I bring along my I-pod so I can listen to some music. Sometimes I can go fishing without getting a bite in hours, other times I'll get bites all the time. Good to have some music with you.

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    What do you do while fishing?


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    I listen to my GF, at least until 15 seconds in.
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    I just sort my bags, look at loot, anything to take away from the fact that I'm fishing

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    i fish on my laptop so i can lay in bed and watch tv, got the sound up just high enough to hear it splash
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    I wait on Heroic Dungeon queues that last 5 minutes.
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    Lay in bed while listing to music. My girlfriend doesn't mind doing it sometimes. I have her do alts. lawls.

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    Watch youtube stuff, chat with my brother and/or listen to music, all on my laptop sitting next to my PC.

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    catch fish with my pole

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    watch movies on the other screen

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    As I have 2 monitors. On one I fish hearing the sound from the catch and on the other I am watching some movies or random videos.

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