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    GM on the 10th Archeology Race

    thought i'd share:

    GM: can i help you in another matter?
    me: when there is enough time: in the archeology tab there are 10 symbols, however i only find 9 of those even if i try hard.
    me: do i something wrong to unlock the 10th race?
    gm: there are the fossils, they aren't counted as a race.
    me: ye sure: fossils, n8elfs, orcs, trolls, dwarfs, dranai, nerub, vrykyl, and tol'vir.
    me: thats 9, in the interface there are 10
    gm: ehm, let me take a look, one moment please
    gm: so, unfortunally the 10th symbol seems to be a PLACEHOLDER for future use
    blabla, cya
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    I was wondering what that was.. Thanks.

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    Hopefully it will be Human. There is a lot of lore to pull from.

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    Well I hope they wont stop at 10... Because I am already bored with the ones we got... I almost started crying when first dig in northrend was nelf

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    Blizzard stated in a blue post some time ago that they plan on archaeology being an expandable profession. I.e. more can always be added to it over time. Would be nice to see some more races added, but I doubt that would come so soon. I'm guessing we will see more races/artifacts introduced in further content patches during cata and in future expansions.

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    and hopefully, if they add new artifacts/races, each one will only spawn in one zone, and have a chance to have a common artifact with a BoP recipe for an AWESOME BoE thing for each proffession, but it's not a 100% drop


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