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    What does this mean?


    In the circle it has a 5, does that mean if I create one of those items my skill will go up by 5? And when leveling a profession, should I always be creating those items with numbers beside them?

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    you make 1 you get 5 points, a few items does this, but they require more materials then most other items to create.
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    It just means that the item in question (generally) requires significantly more mats than a normal item so it's worth 5 points. I would say it's up to you if you want to do those or 1 pointers. I know when leveling tailoring I made 1 pointers over 5 pointers because it gave me more items to disenchant. All depends.

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    Yes, it increases skill points by 5. Whether you should make it or not is dependent on how expensive is it to level using 1 per skill up. Is it less than 5x expensive than the 5 skill points? Or is the 5 skill point one cheaper than making 5 of the single skill ups.

    Your mileage may vary with server and economy, so I doubt you can get a solid answer.

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    I came here expecting this thread to be about double rainbows.

    I am disappoint.

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