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    Anyone have vial of sands already?

    Does anyone have the vial of the sands mount already? I tried to search the forums here and couldn't find anything (I may just be awful at searching). If so, could you post some pics? I can't find any pictures of it in action with someone actually riding it. Thanks!

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    i do. hang on, ill get a picture.

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    oooh i want mine now unfortunatley im missing a few K before i can recieve mine

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    there are 2 people on my server with this already. They're selling them for 45k, the mount isnt BOP.

    there are pics on the mmo pages.. when they posted the info about it.

    this took me seconds in a google search:

    seriously. momma dun not raised you good.

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    and yes, many many many people have it already.

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    Have it, love it!

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    i got the recipe on my first jar, made 5 for other people and 1 for me

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