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    Lucky stories!

    About a year ago, I was looking for somebody to do a mount run with in Zul'Gurub (back when I was a noob and couldn't solo it.) I got somebody who agreed to run it with me if I would also do Karazhan with him for the mount in there. We ran ZG and no mounts dropped (and sadly, they never did for me), so we went on to Karazhan, it being my first time in there. And, what do you know, the mount drops, and I win it. =D The other guy was furious, since he had apparently been running it for a while. I felt bad, so I did offer to run it with him whenever he wanted, but he never got back to me on that. Still, it is my ground mount of choice, and I am still very happy to have it, since I don't see many people on my server with it.

    For a more recent one...I am currently working on the Salty title, and I was absolutely thrilled when I happened upon the Sea Turtle mount a few minutes ago. I didn't think that I would ever get it, since I heard that it's something like 1 in a couple thousand or something like that. I am very happy. =) Share your happiness with me! Tell me your stories!

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    Rare mount stories are rare for me, but 'rare items'? 'eh, let me explain.

    From mid-vanilla to 8 weeks before sunwell in TBC, I was an alliance dwarf paladin. I ran baron over 200 times (counted, had a little notepad with marks on it for everytime I killed baron.) To get his mount, and I went after so many items in TBC (since I mainly played TBC.) The scarab out of Black Morass NEVER dropped for me. From that instance alone I went to exalted and much more after that. Trinkets were the worst for my dwarf, I had the ribbon out of kara and the lower city mending prayer book trinket. I forgot the name.

    ANyway, I switched over to horde. I dinged 70 6 weeks before Sunwell. The first week I was recruited into a guild that was 5/6 ssc 3/4 TK. They gave me all the t5 one week, and I got my trinket out of black morass my FIRST run. The next week I got accepted into a re-roll guild, they'd already killed Illidan from kara in 5 weeks. I joined them, got ALL my t6 items in 3 weeks.

    After I got full t6, my FIRST run into Strat? My mount dropped. Go figure.

    My characters name? Luqqy. (lucky, luQQy, inside joke/pun.)

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    Me and a couple friends were at a LAN party for a couple nights and we were really bored in between a couple tournaments. So we decided to run H Mgt to try and get the hawkstrider. My one friend (a freshly dinged level 80 hunter) was surprised at how awesome the instance was (since he had never even been on the isle before this). We finally get to the last boss, as he is excited at how awesome the last fight is. We kill him, the mount drops and i decide to be a nice guy and let him keep it.
    About a week later he decided that he didn't like the hunter anymore and rerolled a DK, later a mage and finally he is onto a shaman. I still play the druid i ran with him as my main.
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    Every mount I've farmed for on my warrior required 50+ tries, hawkstrider, barons mount, mammoth, raptor, etc. But on my DK who I dork around on gets them within like 5 tries.

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    I was on the PTR for 3.2 trying out Bear tanking with a premade.

    To practice, I was soloing BC Heroic instances. It was too easy in Outland so I went to Magister's Terrace. Very first kill of Kael'thas, the White Hawkstrider drops. Too bad it evaporated when the PTR ended.

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    k so me and my guildies were gona do some old bc raids. so were ging to do tempest keep and i was likei hope the mount drops. everyone waslike its not gona drop. so for some unknown reason someone invites their frind to the group. anyways were tanking through tk and we kill kael thas and what do ya know he drops the mount. so after staring at it for like 30 mintues i click need and to my dismay i lose. then even more disapointing the non guildy wins it. before cata everytime i was in dal he would be there above the foutain just sitting there. gods of wow hate me

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    well....the first rare mount i encountered (and won !!) was the baron's death charger. I was in plaguelands with a buddy of mine, trying to get the hang of the game (this was last year,when i started playing wow) and decided to ask around in general if someone wanted to join us for a run in stratholme. 2 dk's replied and we 4 went into the instance (one of the dk was an 80) so we lower lvls just followed and killed mobs after the dk. when we got to the baron, we started the fight and killed him, and when the loot showed off, i couldn't believe it, the mount dropped!!. off all the good things that u can expect when running with a PUG, the 80 dk told us to hit need...all of us,his dk buddy,mine and me..and luckily i won it over them,so,in short, first stratholme run,got achievement and mount!!

    Also,in these last weeks before cata, me and a friend of mine started to run ZG in hopes of gettin the raptor,sadly, no raptor dropped, but i did snatched the zulian tiger.

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    Running Strath on my paladin alt since i was bored, it drops... I want it for my main QQ...

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    I wanted to try and learn the TCG. My girlfriend ended up purchasing a Raid Set, and it came with some loot cards. As I was looking at them, I came across the X-51 Nether-Rocket. I tried to hide it from my GF, but she caught eye of it. She wanted it for her account, but I misdirected her to check ebay for the price. While she was busy drooling over the cash, I quickly scratched and redeemed the sucker.

    I slept on the couch for a week, but I still have my rocket.

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    Well, I got the Green Proto Drake from the second egg (the first was a bird pet...) and after a few weeks later the Azure Drake dropped from Malygos 25, and i rolled around 95 for it. That was at the begening of the WotLK expansion so I got tons of whispers about that where I got these mounts.

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    Sarhatrion + 3 (25 man), first time for me

    I perform well, but we keep wiping ... till our last try I get distracted struck by a lava wave (and die) and the rest of the 24 kill him and I win the Drake

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    Back in 2009 I was running ZG for months and no mount on either of the bosses. I quit WoW for a few months to deal with IRL stuff. My first day back in ZG the Zulian Tiger dropped and I won the roll. A month later I was running the Old Strathholme for Argent rep and behold Baron's mount drops. In the same run the Skullflame Shield dropped off of some trash mobs as well. I should have bought a lottery ticket that day. I was just THAT lucky. I also forgot to add that earlier in the year when my guild got server 2nd Sarth 25 3D I won the Twilight Drake with a roll of an 89.

    Thanks to Amalisa for this great Sig!

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    I did have a LAN with my friends to do Glory of the Hero.
    We did it and i got my Red Proto drake. not so rare. but when my friends did start a movie i did a random hc. i did get UP and ofc the mount did drop. 2 proto drakes in 1 day would be nice.
    But sadly i only rolled 57.. Grr!! i´m bad at rolling. But the winner did roll 58.... that made me abit angry
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    first cata dungeon ever, did regular stonecore, drake dropped and i won, love it too (other then the bug)

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    So this guy that I'd ran ICC with a couple of times whispers me on my Druid, since I'm a tank he asks me to tank the ZG bosses for him, then proceeds to tell me the mounts are free roll (I was okay with that, I'd been running ZG for 5 months with no mounts on my priest, so I wasn't expecting anything). So we kill the raptor boss and nothing drops of course, no surprise there, then we kill the tiger boss and guess what dropped.... I needed on it of course and the guy started going on this rant about how he had been ninjad out of it several times, and just started giving me differed sob stories; I told him that it was fair if he needed on it too and whoever won gg to them, I won with a 100. It took me 1 hour to learn the damned mount because this guy was making me feel so bad, I agreed to run it with him every 3rd day as it reset, and I did, the mount never dropped again and this dude stopped logging on WoW. I'm glad I didn't give it to him, it would've stayed on his character probably in the hands of someone he sold his account to.

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    Got the sea turtle mount while levelling my fishing, before I even realised it existed. My best mate (with every other fishing achieve) had been trying to get it for weeks at that stage. He raged and I lol'd.

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    I solo farmed ZG tiger boss for about 1 year+ with 3 different chars. Must have killed it at least 150+ times, without seeing the tiger drop. Then at the end of Wotlk i got a bit bored and decided to lvl an ally char (a pala) to see that side of the game. About a week after hitting 80 and getting some gear i thought i would go give tiger boss a try. It was 1st time there on that char... boom tiger drops :O) after faction changing the char i went there with 2 guildies... 2nd time there on that char... boom tiger drops again ^^ (wish i could say it dropped again 3rd time, but it didnt... but 3 kills on my pala and 2 drops.... 150+ kills on 3 others chars - no drops.)

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    Me and a friend was exploring the world (wall climbing etc) and went into the un-instanced ZG. Ran around for a while and he said "Hey, lets do ZG for teh lulz". We went out through the portal and in again, killed raptor boss and raptor dropped and I won. First ZG run on my warrior ever

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    Baron Rivendaire's Deathcharger is arguably the most uncommon mount I have, except the dark talbuks perhaps.
    I was grinding Stratholme for a time trying to get the mount, but after only 25 tries, I gave up on it/found better things to do. About a month ago I saw some guy freaking out in trade about wanting to earn the full Insane achievement, including Shen'Dralar, I had a couple books and figured I'd help him out 'cause I wasn't using them, so I gave them to him for a very low price. He then told me of his plight and I offered to run the dungeons he needed to run to get the mats for the Shen'Dralar turn ins. I was in UC so I started making my way to Stratholme and then they told me they were gonna be okay to solo through it, and I figured "meh, I'm half way there". And surely enough, I got Baron Rivendaire's Deathcharger and the Red Dragonhawk in the same evening.

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    Flying around storm peaks herbing waiting for av to pop...and as soon as im done with the bg i fly right into the time lost drake without even looking for him .

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