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    Me and my good friend would run all the mount runs every week (ZG,Kara,Hm Sethek, and sometimes put together a ashes run)...Well one week the tiger drops in ZG and I won, right after that we ran kara...Nothing..then we did Hm sethek and the raven dropped and i passed it to him since i just got the tiger like 20mins ago...Few days later we ran Zg again and he got his raptor and I got my raven shortly after.

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    Hmm, Did Kael since TBC on my Hunter and never saw Al'ar, went for the for for the first time on my priest in August and it dropped and I won. I just got the Phospherous Drake from Deepholm about 15 minutes ago after 2 hours of sitting on the spawn point. With no clue on the respawn timer. I spent 3 years farming ZG and never got either mount, 28 tries for baron, 8 for Anzu, 1st try for Hawkstrider, grinding rep for Brood of Nozdormu the final pull that got me exalted got me a red one to finish the 4 set.

    I'm rather lucky with mounts =P

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    I have none. It's a sad story, but I have terrible luck with rare mounts.

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    Cleared ZG every week: No mount
    500+ Strat Runs: No mount
    Every week Kara: No mount
    Every week TK Eye: No mount
    Im unlucky :<

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    1st rare mount: Boyfriend picked up a pack of WoW TCG cards at Target on a snack run, it contained the X-51 Nether rocket.
    2nd Was herbing and had given up on finding the TLPD, when he flew by and I nabbed him.
    3rd Was not long after TLPD my boyfriend made another snack run, this time at Wal*Mart and grabbed two packs of cards, one contained the Blazing hippogryph.

    I love them all.

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    first rare mount, the red bug mount (on my second aq run on my lv 64, now 80 dk) second rare mount was the baron mount, third (on the SAME day as the baron mount) the brewfest ram (both gotten last year) 4th, barons mount, again, 5th, OS10 drake, 6th, HH mount, and finaly the 7th, OS25 mount
    guess im some-what lucky

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    I farmed ZG for the mounts for several months. I never got them. Yes, I'm bitter. The end.

    Seriously though, I managed to get both the Phoenix Hatchling and Swift White Hawkstrider within about an hour of each other. I'm not too lucky.

    I've been meaning to go back and farm Sethekk Halls, Karazhan, and now Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle for mounts, but soloing is not a Holy Paladin's strong point. I remember attempting to solo for the Blue Proto-Drake as a prot paladin, but I could never get past phase one. I could survive quite easily, but I always messed up and died before I could get enough harpoons in the guy. Soloing heroics meant for your level requires a lot of precision and practice. I had neither.

    How good is Ret at soloing?
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    In vanilla when stratholm was fun and hard

    Me (tank)
    friend (hunter dps)
    Another friend (shaman healer)
    Another friend (warrior dps)
    Another friend ( mage dps)

    We went and said "All right, it is time to go and get a great mount if it drops"

    We clear the instance and get to the last boss, now here is where the hate begins

    Mount drops

    *Share loot*
    Okey who get's mount
    roll for it? Sure, let's just do it 4 times (which we did (mount dropped all the time)
    But wait, there is a catch

    The first mount never got me (i won it)
    Some1 managed to get our loot recevance to and needed and won .... I walked out with out the mount .... i asked GM to grab it, he says "What mount? Barons? But you won it"

    Stolen ... from elyssia .... mad elyssia?

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    *runs strath for days to get barons horse*

    *random group asks for a carry, im like hell why not*

    Mount drops.

    They take it.

    I cry.

    I got it again almost a year later though. I also have the kara horse, the raven lord back when you needed a dr00d, the fossilized raptor mount, the raptop from bloodlord mandokir (no tiger /wrists). So I've had my fair share of luck when it comes to these.
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    Well Im not lucky with mounts. The most impressive ones would be green proto in ~5egg and blue drake from oculus and black drake from sarth 3d. I farmed zg forfew months - none. Sethekk halls - about 30 runs - none.
    I still use my ebon steed to fly and trike as ground mount. Getting camels soon.
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    I saw Aeonaxx on the day of cata launch. I did not go on it because I wanted to get to 85 asap.
    My bad.

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    kara mount - 2 runs
    anzu - 3 runs
    turtle - 8,000 fish caught. had given up, but went to help a friend with ring of blood in grizzly hills. he was still in org so i cast a few times and BAM.
    blue drake from occulus - 1 run
    black drake from 10 man obsidian - 1 run
    twilight drake from 25 man obsidian - 1.. but i didnt get it because i was inthe process of changing toons so it went to the next highest roller. this is back when the content was new.. was with guild first time we downed it. i was sad =(

    0 luck with tiger in ZG
    0 luck with swift white hawkstrider (ive run it once)
    0 luck with time lost (farmed that one for hours upon hours, saw it freshly dead 3 times before i finally gave up.)
    have never once seen the blue proto drop in UP, despite running it hundreds of times.

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    I was dreading this farm :S anyway i got the Heroic key need for setthek halls, bumped into Anzu killed him and boom! mount dropped on first try! mates were all gutted and jealous
    'Mon the Scots!

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    I've never been lucky in this game :/ My "rare" mounts are mounts that you get my completing quests like the Winterspring Frostsabre or the Netherwing Drakes. I also have many drakes/porto-drakes that you get by completing achievements.

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    I always seem to have really good luck with rare mounts. I'll only tell you how I got 3 of mine (I have lots 'em). The first of the 3 was back in Wrath. I saw people on those Green Proto-drakes and I wanted one so I did the dailys and in a few weeks was revered with the Oracles. I bought my first egg but got nothing, I bought a second egg and guess what I got? Green Proto-drake! I did it a few more times and on the 4th I got another Proto-drake ^.^

    2nd mount! was the white polar bear. I saw the daily and I was very bored. I picked it up, completed it, handed it in and got myself a polar bear first time!

    3rd was the ZG raptor. After hearing about how Blizz was removing the ZG raid I got a guildy and gave it a crack. We did the toger boss first. I got an epic sword that was part of a set, no mount though. After that we were about to leave when I remembered the raptor boss. I asked that we do it. So we killed the boss and the mount dropped. I won it.

    Of all my rare mounts I have never had to farm for them, always got them on the first few times.

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    I have 2.

    Starting the week of Wrath's release, I farmed ZG for the tiger. Every. 3. Days. Without. Fail. Finally got it, almost 2 years later. About 1 week before they announced it's removal. (I also got the pet and raptor mount.)

    Got the collectors edition of WoW as a late birthday gift, in the deck of cards was Lando's Gift Box... got the big battle bear
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    RNG always screws me over, but I did get the Time-Lost Proto Drake on my DK after about 2 weeks of heavy camping.
    A month later I switched mains back to my rogue, so it was kind of a waste of time.

    Then there was that one time Ashes of Al'ar dropped in a group of only 8 people. Too bad I didn't win it
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    Got my level 83 shaman a wind drake

    Just hit need and won. Cata raid vids coming soon.

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    Farmed ZG for mounts a few months with a friend. my main and his alt...
    then due to vecations and stuff me and my frined didnt run ZG in a few weeks.. after a while he was like "wanna do ZG? havent done it in a while" and i was like "sure"
    so we went. Tiger Dropped and i Won it.. 2 weeks before 4.0.3.
    right after my friend lost it, he went ZG on his own with his Main. and the Raptor mount dropped.. ye. 2 mounts on 2 runs same day he was pretty happy. he didnt get the tiger thou.

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    Last night i was running Vortex Pinnacle, and the mount dropped off the dragon boss.
    I rolled a 10.
    I lost.
    I cried myself to sleep.

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