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    Back when Ulduar was the main raid I was flying there, and low and behold there is the time-lost proto-drake directly in front of me. I killed it and it was mine. Ran ZG repeatedly with my boyfriend looking for the mounts...raptor dropped and he outrolled me and I think I held it against him for a week. A few weeks later...tiger dropped, he won it but gave it to me.

    I'm still riding around on my bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher though, because it required skill to get it, and because on my server, it's actually a rare thing to see.

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    I have a recent one:
    I got in to a hc Vortex Pinnacle run as a lone tank in lfd. Ended up with the best pug ever (who also thought I was the girl from tankspot, which made my day ^^ ). We had a lot of blue BoEs drop so they said I brought luck, and as we got to Altarius indeed the Drake of the North Wind dropped. It was my 2nd time there and I won it. I was surprised, to say the least. I had assumed this one would be just like the Blue Proto-Drake which I have killed Skade 127 times for and never even seen.

    When it comes to other items, well, normally I dont have much luck. My main went most of tbc with a reputation-bought weapon, while ofc every raid i couldnt attend they were sharding upgrades. But then, my alt mage, not sure what's with her. For a while I concidered making her my main simply because -every- instance she's been, I've checked the loot-tables and thought "oh that would be nice". Whatever it was would drop and I'd win.

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    I can beat all these stories haha.....I ran zg solo on my pally and BOTH mounts dropped....luckiest day of my life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idontlikeyou View Post
    I wanted to try and learn the TCG. My girlfriend ended up purchasing a Raid Set, and it came with some loot cards. As I was looking at them, I came across the X-51 Nether-Rocket. I tried to hide it from my GF, but she caught eye of it. She wanted it for her account, but I misdirected her to check ebay for the price. While she was busy drooling over the cash, I quickly scratched and redeemed the sucker.

    I slept on the couch for a week, but I still have my rocket.
    GOD i lol'ed so hard at this hahahaha nice one buddy.

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    Three days after launch of Cataclysm I discovered the Stonecore entrance, I queued, I did it with random group (but tank and heal was both 84) and 0.7% chance on drop Stone Drake dropped. Everyone clicked "Need". I've won ;]

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    I had been running ZG every lockout for 3 solid months when i found out they were doing away with it. The week before 4.0.3a went live I got the Raptor mount. Then less than a week later a old friend wanted to run TK so I went along with him (Only about my 5th time there) and Ashes of A'lar dropped and I won Those are my favorite ones. I also have the turtle and both Sarth 3d mounts. But Ashes is still my favorite!

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    My warrior got the Blue Drake from Oculus and the Blue Protodrake from UP within 2 days of each other.
    I solo'd HMgT on my mage just to see if I could, got the mount.
    My Druid got Anzu in 8 kills.
    My Warlock and Warrior both got the Headless Horseman's Mount.
    My Warlock and Mage both got BOTH the Brewfest Mounts.

    My Paladin, who has 100+ mounts, has the Brewfest Ram (not the Kodo) and the Hawkstrider, but none of the others. I only just got the the Green Protodrake this week after buying eggs for more than two years. ZG refused to drop mounts, though I made it to exalted and beyond. Baron still hasn't given me a Deathcharger.

    So I have lots of rare-ish mounts - but they are on the wrong character.

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    so i wake up, turn on my pc and read on mmo-champion that zul'gurub is going to be removed.

    the first thing that strikes me is, OMG -tiger! so i log on my rogue, enters zg for the thousand time, and I kill high priest thekal. so i loot it, and there it is, the tiger.

    and i joined a couple of friends to magister's terrace and the swift white hawkstrider dropped on first attempt, its not that rare tho
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    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary Jerry View Post
    Every mount I've farmed for on my warrior required 50+ tries, hawkstrider, barons mount, mammoth, raptor, etc. But on my DK who I dork around on gets them within like 5 tries.
    This. It is so horrible. I had my hunter main who was 80 and had been farming strat and anzu with a druid friend.
    I hopped on my dk late in wotlk. he was 57 I decided to get him to 80 since I had a week or two of holidays. My friend invites me for a strat rep run and I decide to tag along. First run, nothing drops. Same with 2nd 3rd and 4th. I got some sweet vanity items and had some fun trinkets too. One day I decide to invite another dk friend of mine see if we can solo baron and maybe get a shot at the mount. We give it a shot and what do you know? It drops. I was a bit mad inside and I will remember the most stressful roll I ever did in my life. My friend rolled 93 and I rolled 94. I almost had a heart attack.

    Two weeks later as a fresh 70 I ask my druid for a anzu run and he asked me if I was sure that I wanted to risk a chance of not getting it on my hunter. I just went for the xp and some nice heroic loot and once again the mount drops. My dk became my luck character. Eventually by the time I hit 79 and I decked him out in pvp blues to fool around for a bit I did some mount runs for a few weeks. In 3 weeks I had never seen so many mounts drop in my life. Tiger dropped for my friend in ZG and a week later I got the raptor. We did it mgt two weeks later and the hawkstrider dropped. Gotta love RNG

    Thats basically about it. Now he became my main due to the mounts I think. Got a blue drake after a few weeks and a green drake on my first scholazar egg. Ever since my druid friend tries to bring me for mount runs.
    "The biggest problem with people these days is not that they set their goals to high and do not reach them, it's that they set their goals to low, reach them, and become satisfied...." NEVER BECOME SATISFIED!

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    I got Anzu after 4 years oh wait... no I didnt.

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    Back in the days when you raided UBRS / LBRS and did guildruns to lvl 60 instaces to gear up for raids, the undead mount from stratholme dropped.That's it.

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    I've always tried to farm Mounts, ZG had no luck in it for me, 50+ runs and no mount /rawr. Even after 2 brewfests (2years) I am still yet to get a mount on my main from there. Although I started running H MGT solo, after about 30-40 runs my friend gets one and goes absolutely nuts! No luck for me, yet. The next day I go into H MGT and that same friend asks if I need help, I reluctantly accept as he can't steal my mount. Funnily enough it drops!

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    nothin much but voa 25 got the grand black war mammoth. carries two people so i'm cool with that.

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    Had the hawkstrider drop after not all to many runs (somewhere around 10 i think) i have killed Baron nearly 1000 times, yes, 1 thousand, been farming it since vanilla now for the ZG mounts, i used to be to lazy to spec prot so i could solo the mount bosses, so i went with a paladin, tiger drops, he wins it then he cba`s doing the other boss anymore cuz he is a bastard so i bring my hunter friend, raptor drops, he wins, a month later ZG is removed, hurray

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    I was in Stratholme for fun, then the Baron's mount dropped. Woop! (thats the only rare mount I got <.<)

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    Had this Guildmate who kept going on how cool the Swift Spectral Tiger was so i decided to give it a shot. Bought 10 Booster packs on a special offer at the local comic book store and was lucky and got it.. Now he hates me..

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    Well i have quite some rare mounts, and i enjoy most of them.
    Me and my friend decided to run some oldschool raids such as aq20 and zg, just for rep and fun, after aq we went into zg and killed the raptorboss, and he dropped the mount, i won the roll and got the mount, after that i started to solo zg for the tiger, and about 2 months later of soloing, i told my guild mate "this is gonna be the day" he then strongly disagreed, and got pissed later when i actually got it .
    Then i started doing HC MGT with a guildie, and the 4. day we went, i got the hawkstrider, and my guildie got pissed, so i promissed to run it with him untill he got it aswell, well seems 2 days is enough for me to get 2 hawkstrider drops , i also got Red aq tank randomly in a aq40 pug.
    i then spent months and months farming the baron's deathcharger and Ravenlord,and one day when i finally decided to farm the baron for a few hours it FINALLY dropped and i was do damn happy and i evnetually got the ravenlord aswell. im still running for attumen horse and whenever i see a TK run i join for for the lawls and the chance of the ashes

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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    Got Black Drake (OS3D10) on 1st and Twilight Drake (OS3D25) on 3rd try, and this isn't a mount but still rare (no, legendary!): Eye of Sulfuras from Ragnaros on first try. I'm a hunter though, can't use maces. *sigh*

    Still farming White Hawkstrider, Raven Lord, Baron's Deathcharger, and Karazhan mount (no idea what it's called...) without luck. Interesting how all these things I want so badly seem impossible to obtain when I get the things I don't want/need so easily (oh well, Black Drake isn't thát bad...).
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    I was farming Righous Orbs for my Rogue alts Heirloom weapons while chatting in TS with someone. I was about 5 minuts in Strat and she became like "OMG you're doing Strat whitout me?", so i invited her. After i had my orbs, she wanted to clear UD side too and i thought fine, why not? Runeloth has allways been a good seller on my server.

    We cleared the abominations before Ramstein, then she started talking about the mount "Oh it would be so awesome if it drops now!"
    I got alot other rare mounts at that time, including both ZG and Anzu. I replied "Well, i like the epic sword more then the mount. You can have the horse, but the blade is mine, kay?". Guess what dropped

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