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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazeijin View Post
    Post armory or I'll assume you're trolling. The galleon and sha mounts haven't shown up anywhere, yet you claim to have both.
    If you're going to use "trolling" at least use it right, Lying about something isn't the same as trolling -.-'

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    I got Midnight on my 4th kill. I had been helping my friend farm Raven Lord for about 6 months after I had gotten it (when you HAD to have us druids for it :P) so she agreed to help me farm Attumen a bit. I was floored to get it my 4th kill! Sadly, a couple years later and my poor friend still hasn't gotten it :<

    Just a couple weeks ago, me and my mount farming partner (diff friend) did our normal EoE run. I already had both mounts, as I get to have the first drop of everything (she's a reallllly good friend) and the blue one dropped. THis was on monday. On Tuesday, we go and do EoE and the AZURE one dropped. Damnest thing. Same person got Raven Lord her second run but other than those she has fairly bad mount luck.

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    Been farming for the Stonecore mount for a few weeks now on my main, over 150+ runs but decided to level an Alt Shaman...ran stonecore about 3 times and it droped for the grp lucky i rolled good and won it! Was so happy. Now for the Onyxia one to drop one day. lol. Such is RNG i guess!

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    I'm not really a mount farmer, but i have two stories. Back in wrath when I got my DK to 80, I got the crafted epic 2 handed mace, but my mace skill was zero, so I decided to go to Stratholme to get my skill up. I went to Stratholme because it was close to the DK zone and the mount dropped. The second story is about how I got The Raven Lord mount. When transmog was announced I started to farm look alike sets from tbc dungeons on my Shaman. Don't remember what piece I was after, but I got the mount on my second or third SH run.

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    The first time I manage to solo Kael on my rogue, I got ashes of alar. I almost had a heart attack. Then I got mad with myself that I wasted that luck on a game and not a lotto ticket... To be fair I was farming it with my hunter for a while tho.

    Also got the stonecore mount the very first time I did the dungeon. Was so shock a mount dropped on normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruargh
    I'm baffled that something this simple can be so hard for some people... I guess we can't blame blizzard for dumbing down the game any longer, because apparently it very much needed :

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    Well im unlucky, the only mount that i farm weekly is ashes of al'ar im on my 30+ try now and nothing...
    oh and about UNLUCKY.
    see this shoulders? when transmog was implemented i rly wanted this shoulders for my DK, farmed them for over 6 months daily, no shoulders :| made tickets, got mad etcetc. still no shoulders :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by roflzore View Post
    got 21 kills saw it drop 21 times <: them olden times <3
    aye back in wotlk...missed out in that with 1 week g_g

    Still no dropp for invic! Sitting at 89 kills atm...( asking how i do it ? having insane amount of alts..)
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    I'm stuck home for a few days with the flu. Dreadfully ill. Get super bored.

    End up checking out a new server. Make a Troll Shaman and make the pilgrimage to Org.

    I see a TCG mount up on the AH for 25k (with a buyout price of 30k). The shorestrider. Wow, I've never seen one for sale before at all on my home server -- but the asking price was an unbelievable deal. So I check to see if the person who listed the auction is online. He is. I whisper him. He informs me that the server is quite dead and TCG items don't sell well.

    I ask him if he himself is interested in TCG items and if he would be interested in trading something. When he asks for specifics I offer him a Banana Charm in exchange for his mount (I got the charm for cheap months ago on the BMAH on my home server, hoping to eventually trade it off for something). He says he'll only give me 10k for the charm. I decline, but tell him that he can contact me if he changes his mind.

    Two days later; he hasn't contacted me and the Shorestrider is still up for sale. Now it has less than 2 hours to go until the auction expires. Genuinely shocked that nobody has snatched it up; I start trying to sell my Bananas in Trade chat for 30k. Nobody cares.

    Time until the auction expires is rapidly winding down. I start trying to brainstorm a back-up plan. Maybe I could get 25k for it and win the auction without making the 30k needed for the buy-out price? The risk of losing the auction AND my best bargaining chip was a scary prospect. What to do...?

    I suddenly get a whisper. Some random person offers me 20k. Seems like a nice guy though. I offer a compromise. "Meet me half way and let's say 25k?" He hesitates. We talk briefly about the state of the market and then he decides to agree to give me 25k for my unwanted pet.

    I immediately run over and place a bid on the mount.
    I stand around, waiting nervously with the knowledge that any second I could get outbid and have lost my TCG pet for nothing.
    I get the "You won an auction for Swift Shorestrider" broadcast.

    I dance around the room in celebration. Doing so makes me feel incredibly ill. I have to run to the bathroom.
    No regrets.
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    FieryWarhorse.....killed attumen, mount happy mofo

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    Purchased Ghastly Charger's Skull ready for 5.2 I usually wait to buy TCG mounts with gold, but I recently sold a lot of stuff on eBay and made some profit, so thought I'd treat myself.

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    First run of firelands with a new guild and flametalon of alysrazor drops. At first they want us to roll for it and everyone starts rolling but i only get a 3. Then the GM says no we will raid roll it based on our positions in the damage meters he posts. Our healer is asked to do a random 25 and Bamm my number comes up. Was amazed when they gave it to me considering that was my first ever run with the guild
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    I got ZG tiger in less then 3 lockouts on my pala..

    the last 3 lockouts before it being closed

    Whilst in group with one from my guild that had been trying to farm it for years

    (she got it on the last posible day :P)

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    Oh boy, where to start?

    Rarest Mount: Big Love Rocket. Got it the first time I ever ran that dungeon, which was after they buffed the HH mount the previous year, so I thought they buffed this mount drop rate too. Turns out they didn't, so I was the first one and only one with the mount on my server for a while. Have only seen a couple others after I got it.

    Raven Lord only took about 12 runs once I unlocked it.

    Phoenix dropped twice for me. Once it took about 17 tries with a group I did it with on a regular basis, but I lost the roll. Come MoP I started farming it, and I got it on the 3rd or 4th time I soloed it.

    Got the Kara horse after around 10-15 kills.

    Blue Proto-drake the day my lock hit 80. Luckily enough, UP was the first heroic I ran on him and joked around saying how funny it would be if the mount dropped considering it was my first run there on my lock. Bet they weren't happy when the fresh 80 alt won that.

    White Hawkstrider I got the first run I did on my mage. Tried quite a few times on my DK main and did not get it. Was quite mad when I had both this mount and the Blue Proto on my alts and not my main, until account-wide mounts were introduced.

    That's pretty much all there is for the lucky ones for me. Have some other rares such as the Blue Drake and grind ones such as the Red Drake and the such, but nothing worth noting like the 6 I mentioned.

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    Last week I got outbid on Ashes of Al'ar at 350k (ended up going for 591k!). That night I went to farm it on my alt (usually run twice per week) and it dropped! Later that week I was bored, so I decided to take a fresh 90 alt into VoA for some easy honor and BAM the mammoth dropped! Twas a good mount week.

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    I have no actual rare mounts, but I did get my Dreadsteed back when you had to do that quest line to get it. I was quite proud when I got it, and even more pleased when I got back the 250 gold (hard to believe that used to seem like a lot) by helping two guildmates who were mathematically incompetent. I told each of them I would let them use my materials, and that they would only have to pay me 125, splitting the cost between all of us. Neither of them seemed to realize I was making back all of mine with that deal, but whatever. I still saved them gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearfist View Post
    THis was on monday. On Tuesday, we go and do EoE and the AZURE one dropped.
    So, you cleared EoE twice in one lockout then? >.>

    OT: I haven't really had any dreadful stories about mounts. I generally get whatever i'm after in under 50 runs. I did see Ashes drop twice in 9 runs. Won the second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsredd View Post
    So, you cleared EoE twice in one lockout then? >.>

    OT: I haven't really had any dreadful stories about mounts. I generally get whatever i'm after in under 50 runs. I did see Ashes drop twice in 9 runs. Won the second.
    Since the mounts became account wide it's possible that he did it in a alt group. Like I do every week for kara & the eye (3-5 runs each week).

    As for the stories I believe that most funny would be that my gf got aeonaxx on her hunter alt who had slow flying skill and had to buy fast one to use the mount. A top of that she barely managed to kill it due to having crappy lvl 83 greens. The guy she beat by seconds wasn't so happy. I was laughing my ass of on her luck

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    I got the ZG Panther after 325 kills, how awesome is that!?

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    i got both zg mount back in wotlk in 1 lockout :-) didn't realize how lucky i was untill people was like wtf when i linked achieves in trade channel

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    I decided randomly to start farming mounts last month. about two weeks I got Ashes (20th kill, 5 toons a week, so 4 weeks), Ony (2nd kill), Fiery Warhorse (30th kill, 10 toons a week, so 3 weeks), and Raven Lord (70th kill, 10 toons every day, so 1 week). I also had Azure drop but I passed it. I then went away for 2 weeks, came back and got Red Qiraji (16th lockout).

    Apparently all my bad luck on gear is actually good luck on mounts. - Look at FoS if you wish.
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