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    Just did my tk run... finally got it!!!
    [07:49] You receive loot: [Ashes of Al'ar].

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    Killed Kael'thas 15 times, saw ashes 5 times. The first 4 times it was ninja'd by the raid leader after he said it was open roll then I got the 5th one because my friend who I've raided with since Wrath was like lets go kill Kael and get you ashes. It was his last day of playing and it actually dropped so I was happy and sad at the same time.

    Just got the Onyxian Drake two days ago, that was pretty awesome. Got it on my 65th kill even though I've killed her over 100 times combined across all my alts.

    I have a lot of other rare mounts (fiery warhorse, raven lord, white hawkstrider, razzashi raptor, white polar bear, blue drake, and some others i can't think of). Right now I'm going to start working on the Azure Drake from maly 25, the mounts from stonecore, vortex pinnacle, and heroic upgarde pinnacle. Then after those I'll get back to work on getting Rivendare's Deathcharger. So many more mounts to get Q_Q

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahveros View Post
    Killed Kael'thas 15 times, saw ashes 5 times.

    I know RNG is a bitch, but seriously... 5/15??? I'm up to 53 kills on my main, not counting the runs I do on my alts... and I have NEVER seen it. Not once. Geez.

    I have my own cool mount stories and everything, though the only mounts I got REALLY lucky on were the ravenlord and the drake out of stonecore. But a year's worth of kills and not even a chance to lose a roll on the damn thing feels extra crappy. Bleh.

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    Well this just happened. Two stone drakes in eight minutes.
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    So me and 2 other guildies went on Ashes hunt. A couple of weeks in, Ashes drop. 2 weeks later, Ashes drop (the one I get), another 3 weeks later, Ashes drop!

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    I ran Warbringers, killed maybe 15, with a DK, just me and him for the first 4 or so. 2 mounts drop, he gets both. Then he invites a friend, next 2 warbringers, the second one drops ANOTHER mount, the new guy wins it. They promised me I would get the next one that drops. I go to Townlong to check, the DK says one is up in KunLai. He just tells me to stay in Townlong, and WHADYA KNOW the one in KunLai drops the last mount of the night. I... I was- ugh. Don't get me started on how annoyed I was.

    The DK offered to help me kill Warbringers whenever he can, but I said flat out no. I honestly dunno if it was because I cannot trust him, or if he gives me bad luck, but I'm going with both.

    Now onto the good stuff:

    - Ashes dropped on the last of my 3 toons to run TK this week (can only manage to solo it on my Shaman, Monk, and Warlock. Love me that staff.). My Guild Master now officially hates me, and the guild mount-hoarder hates me slightly.
    - Fiery Warhorse (Kara) dropped on my 4th run, when I took my other GM (we have 2 co-GM's) into Kara to see if it drops.
    - Raven Lord dropped after maybe 8 runs, then I found out the other day when the Ashes dropped that the Guild Mount-Hoarder has ran it maybe 80 times and hasn't seen it.
    - Got the Onyxian Drake on my 3rd week of running Ony10N, only managed to run it on my Shaman and Monk because my Lock wasn't strong enough or lvl 90 to kill her.
    - Got the Swift White Hawkstrider after 15 runs.
    - Got the Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank on my 4th Tol'vir solve. Another reason why my GM hates me.
    - Got my White Polar Bear after a few days of the Storm Peaks dailies.
    - Got the Grand Black War Mammoth in whatever difficulty of VoA that it drops. Was offered 10k to trade it to someone, but I turned it down. Honestly, I kinda regret that decision. I never use the thing.
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    The only mount I've actively farmed was Rivendare's Deathcharger. Took about 50 runs. I've been there many times afterwards trying to also get his sword for transmog...

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    Was in my weekly Firelands HC pug (getting ma legendary staff) and today after we killed Rag the mount dropped!
    I rolled a 80 for it but one paladin we had (his first time killing it on hc) won it with a 94 roll.

    I think this is the first time i see a rare mount drop from a raid and it was prett cool will hope for more drops the last runs i need before im starting to farm the mount from Alyzrazor!

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    I've been EXTREMELY lucky with drops in general (not just mounts).

    Took me 5 attempts to get MH and OH Glaives off Illidan for my DK (took like 10 attempts with my paladin to get that damn shield though!)
    8 attempts to get Ashes of Alar
    1 shotted Headless Horseman (first kill on opening day) got the mount for me.
    4-5 attempts at Ony to get Onyxia mount
    Probably 10-15 attempts at ZG Tiger
    20ish attempts to get horsey out of Karazan
    10-15 attempts for Blue Proto-drake
    Green Proto-drake from a satchel (tank queue)
    Barron Mount from satchel (tank queue)
    White Polar Bear from satchel (tank queue)
    Numerous rare pets from satchel (tank queue)

    Mounts I've had poor luck with:
    Ravenlord was probably around 100 attempts (felt like a thousand!)
    White Hawkstrider was probably 30-40 (not bad I guess)
    Somewhere between 60-80 attempts to get the Drake of the North
    Never got the raptor out of ZG
    Never got Vitreous Drake (yet) 10-15 attempts

    These are mostly estimates but very close to reality IF I'm off at all. My first rare mount was the Headless Horseman's horse. I got it on my Paladin but my Bear was my main at the time. This caused me to change my Paladin to my main and start farming for every other rare I found.
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    380 Tol'vir solves and still no scarab mount

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    Actually managed to catch the first Time-lost Proto on the server back when WOTLK came, was perhaps 0.5secs from not having the tag, a dwarf was just about to attack him when i dismounted mid air and shot him, never been so close to a heart attack before, the dwarf immediately made a horde character and started shouting at me for being a jerk and all kinds of stuff ...

    Another time i was lucky enough to get Baron rivendare's mount on my eleventh try, although i later created a new account and gave away that one, i started collecting mounts on that one too, so far 237 runs (statistics in achievements) and no mount so far... But i do have Raven lord, White hawkstrider and other rares!
    Also have, time-lost proto, green proto, blue proto, red proto, plauged proto, violet proto, ironbound proto and rusted proto which i think is pretty cool! love proto drakes! mostly proud over the Plauged one, it's amazing and rare to see these days!

    Was also lucky enough to play the game during the first Brewfest, where there's a Ram which couldn't ever be obtained again.

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    Been farming TK and Ony mounts now on 3 toons for 3-4 months. First TK run of the week, Ashes drop. Two days later, on my last Ony run for this reset, the Onyxian Drake drops.

    Mount farmer's work is never done, though; now working on the new ZG mounts, Stonecore mount, Argent Tournament Dragonhawk (only mount there I didn't get during Wrath)...then after that, maybe the VP mount and/or Baron's Deathcharger. Less than 10 mounts away from 200 (7-8, can't remember exact number), so it's that "blood in the water" mentality or whatever. MUST HAVE MOAR MOUNTS!

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    I have been looking for TLPD on and off since start of WOTLK. The other day just as my GF came into our bedroom she told me she wanted to go sleep. But i told her i had to check something first. So i logged my char which was logged out in Storm Peaks, and did the usual route. I saw a hunter camping on the ground, so i dismounted and started killing him, he started flying off into the distance as i started attacking. Then moments later i hear the sound of the NPCscan go off. My heart started racing as i was in combat, and i was thinking "Fuck fuck fuck" as i saw the hunter flying around. But to my luck the hunter flew the wrong way and i got to the drake first. I killed it in 1 hit then looted my long awaited price. Learned it, mounted up and stood there infront of the hunter, flexing.

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    I farmed ZG from when I hit 80 to the end of wrath on 3 chars. No raptor. Sad Belize is sad... I really wanted a raptor on alliance... oh well

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    A mate and i used to duo Bloodlord Mandokir for the raptor for a while, but eventually ran out of interest in doing it. However recently i found out that brewmasters could also solo farm it, and 4 solo kills later i walked away with my Armored Razzashi Raptor - giving me 4/4 ZG mounts now

    That and i have farmed and won ony drake / alar / midnight / barons mount / aq bug / flametalon and the list goes on.

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    The most relieving mount story was Onyxia for me. This week, after 255 runs (across 10 characters) it finally dropped. I'm happy that I never have to see this Boss ever again.

    Patience paid off..

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    So last week I noticed a lot of people having good luck in this thread. Last night I nearly posted that I had a good feeling about next week for myself, but didn't want to jinx myself.

    Today I headed out to TK for the millionth time, and ashes finally drops. And on my main, at that! Pretty stoked. Good luck guys.

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    so this one time i saw a player on ashes and i said cool mount then i flew away
    that's my story

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    So today I got my Fiery Warhorse. I'm feeling lucky. Onyxia and Blue Proto Drake next I guess.

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