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    Volatile Air drop rate nerf?

    I remember farming a specific location in Uldum on these mobs that drop at least 1 Volatile Air per 5-8 kills, not even 1 drops now... Also saw some inflation in my AH. Volatile Air's are going for 60g each. >:[ Did Blizz stealth nerf the drop rates or what?

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    I think the boys over at wowhead confirmed that those particular mobs did indeed recieve a stealth nerf to their air drop rate similar to those balls of fire in the cave out in stormy peaks that had a rapid respawn and a high drop rate of crystallized fire.
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    I saw a nerfs in the spot i farm in twilight highlands , So I dunno.

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    I believe they nerfed volatiles drops all over the place, the mobs in vortex pinnacle would drop about 20-25 volatiles for the whole run, ran it tonight and we all only got 6.
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