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    Can we see if someone quoted our posts

    i dont know if this system is in place but i often post a post on a thread and only come back to it if the thread really interested me
    What if someone quotes part of my post? I would like to know wen this happens so i can reply back
    I just went through a couple of old threads i posted on and I was surprised that people quoted my quote and wrote a response because i was never notified about them
    So my suggestion is the site could send me a notification everytime somebody quotes me in thread
    (i dont know if this is already in place and if so which setting should i alter to recieve this message)

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    There's not really a way to implement this, even though it would be nice. The closest I can suggest is the notification system, which can just tell you when there's a new post in a thread you've posted in (although not necessarily directly quoting you).

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