View Poll Results: What is your favourite character in LOST?

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  • Jack Shephard

    5 9.09%
  • Kate Austen

    2 3.64%
  • Hugo Reyes

    6 10.91%
  • Desmond Hume

    12 21.82%
  • John Locke

    13 23.64%
  • James Ford/Tom Sawyer

    7 12.73%
  • Benjamin Linus

    3 5.45%
  • Sayid Jarrah

    4 7.27%
  • Jin Kwon

    3 5.45%
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    [TV] Favourite Character in LOST

    As the title says, what's your favourite character in LOST and if you don't mind, try to say a little about why you find exactly that person as a favourite
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    Sawyer. Because out of all characters he possibly makes the biggest change.

    You hate him at first, but later on you start loving him more and more. And you gotta love the nicknames he uses.

    Also you didn't state your favourite.

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    Hehe, well I got two of'em, Desmond Hume and Sawyer brother

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    Desmond comes a close 2d overhere. His storyline is without a doubt the most interesting one

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    that show got annoying after season 3...tho it was amazing before then. voted Locke.

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    I zoned out the middle of Season 2.

    Show just felt like a carrot on a stick with all those mysteries and random crap happening. "Keep watching you'll find out what this means!" etc...

    There were and still are better programmes to watch out there. Dexter to name just one I suggest you check it out if you haven't seen it.

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    I stopped shortly into season 3, but ended up watching season 3, 4, and 5 in a row in order to catch the finale the day after it aired (on hulu).

    Waiting a week between episodes, then waiting all summer, really made the show drag on. But being able to crack open a few cold ones and watch them back to back got me hooked again and I watched all 3 seasons in about a week.

    On topic, I wish we could vote for more than one. Locke was bad ass in the first two seasons, even though he got whiny about his "purpose". But in the last few, Sawyer, Desmond, and Jack all had very cool roles.

    Think I'm voting Sawyer just because he started out unlikable (to me) but ended as one of my favorites. Desmond is a very close second.

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    Desmond. Can't really say why. Does have a very interesting story arc, as well as a cool name and a fun accent.

    Ben comes in a very close second. I think Michael Emerson was probably the best actor on that show. And the way his character just goes back and fourth with "Is he a good guy, is he a bad guy, is he a good guy, is he a bad guy, ect...?". Right when you think he's good, he'll do something bad, then when you think he's bad he'll do something good.

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    Kate - because hotness wins on an island! :P (<3 Evangeline Lilly)

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    I voted for Locke, because a) he's awesome and b) although it wasn't really him, he still TOTALLY kicked Jacks ass in the last episode god I hate Jack so much.

    VERY VERY close second goes to Benjamin Linus, simply because not only is Michael Emerson hands down the best actor on that show (and pretty high in the list of best TV actors full stop) but becuase of the transformation he went through in almost every series, showing us the many different sides of a very complex man. Also he has possibly the greatest line in the show "How many times do I have to tell you john, I ALWAYS have a plan." pimp factor ten right there and his last line to hurley? 'You where a real good number two Ben' 'You where a great Number one' brilliant I think it illustrates nicely the change in his character from his introduction to the finale, from allpowerful, ever two steps ahead master ben, to the broken spirited ben of the last episode, and hinting that while working for Hurley, he at least managed to find some peace for himself. Very well done.

    Honorable Mentions go to Kate (omnomnom) Hurley (the scene in the end of the 3rd(?) season where he zooms in to save the day in a VW combi is still one of the greatest in television history) Jin & Sun (they work best as a couple, and I liked the evolution of their relationship as the seasons progress, plus their exit was pretty sad) and of course Sawyer, mainly because he pissed of Jack so much, and his presence was enough to shut up my GF while I watched the show
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    I voted for Ben, by far the best character from the show. He was the perfect villain in my mind, and became such a fantastic character as the series went on. He was by far the highlight of the shows final series in my opinion.

    I think LOST was very good when it came to character though, I would put Hurly second and Vincent third.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marweinicus View Post
    Sawyer. Because out of all characters he possibly makes the biggest change.

    No offense, mate, but the biggest character change in the show is Jack. He went from man of science to man of faith. He hated locke for being a man of faith. That's the biggest character change on the show, imo.

    (I'm a Jack fan, haha)

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    Hmm.. that plane in the beginning.. good intro.. but he just fell too fast for him to rise again :'(
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    Voted for Ben. Personal favorite. I liked Sayid a lot in the first 2 seasons, but his character started to wear on me after a while. A lot of the characters ended up going through the same song and dance every episode. It got kind of predictable what their reactions to things would be. Kate and Sawyer in particular.

    Hugo was good too, although the whole "I see dead people" thing was sorta jumping the shark. Locke was another really good one....

    Been trying to watch it again, got through 2 seasons and Cata came out. Might go back to it at some point soon.

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    John Locke, cause he is the Island!

    Somehow, someway :3

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    I see alot of people enjoying Benjamin Linus here. I agree he is the best acor, and in all ways a mastermind, a super villain. But to me Benjamin Linus tries perhaps a little to hard in the series. Desmond is by far my favourite. His accent, his story, his way of acting his character is amazing in every way. So I guess I will say: See you in another life brother, aye?

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    John Locke is the favorite one, but Desmond and Sawyer are very close.

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    John Locke is the only reason I watched the show. Terry O'Quinn pulled off the role excellently and is easily among the greatest actors on television. Benjamin Linus also became one of my favourite characters once he showed up, but I pretty much hate everyone else on the show besides Sawyer and Kate. Specifically, I hate Hurley with a fiery passion.

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    I liked Desmond and Jack the best.
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    Im rather surprised that Charlie is not included, even though not one THE main characters I still believe he was one of those characters whose death was the saddest. I definitely didnt want him to die! He was funny, confused and just simply unlucky....

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