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    Vanessa VanCleef achievement...

    Anyone else find it hilarious how hard it is for most people to get through the lightning beams?

    Maybe the question should be less about whether you played vanilla and more about whether you ever played a console platformer.

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    It was hilarious to watch our pally go "Oh this is easy, bubble" then run into his death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matchu View Post
    It was hilarious to watch our pally go "Oh this is easy, bubble" then run into his death.
    I had the same thing happen in our group, I started falling to the floor laughing.

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    Mario taught me well.

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    did it 5 times trying for achivement and every time we got to excited and someone failed >.< trick was to slow down
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    In my group, 3 people got over excited and tried to cut to the left by that beam blocking the way....they all got stuck and died, myself included. :P
    However we did random back into it later and finished our drakes that night, so not all bad.

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    Theres a spot just before the cannon where the beam goes over your head, and just passes your feet, 4 of my group managed to stand there waiting for our 5th, who kept failing and ran across us several times. /facepalm

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    I just dash through them, havent been hit since the first time, even so it didnt kill me.
    The key there is patience, watch the beams and dont hug the walls, walls are evil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exiztence View Post
    Mario taught me well.
    This. Thanks mario <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exiztence View Post
    Mario taught me well.
    lawl entirely this. <3 platform games.
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    lightning's blade
    they move slow, just take ur time but not too much time.

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    More love for Mario!

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    The first time I did this, my friend was healing and the group in general was very friendly and having a ton of fun. I watched a strat online before-hand so I had an idea of what was going on, so me and my buddy bet on who would make it through first. I got to about the second to last one unscathed just to get hasty and jump into it >.<. It was a good laugh and I still ended up winning the gold.
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    its sad to see your entire group get that far and 4 out of 5 of you died to that 1 area.

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