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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    Simply beautiful how they get you buy their products and even thank them for spending your money.
    yes cause buying games super cheap to have fun playing them is evil, stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shockspore View Post
    Yeah cause you could just download the illegally right?
    5$ for a game is too much, you shouldn't even have to pay for someone else's hard work.
    No, I simply don't buy crap I don't need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    No, I simply don't buy crap I don't need.
    They why are you commenting on how others spend their money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    No, I simply don't buy crap I don't need.
    Buying a game you want and get a lot of other games also. Is that stupid ?..

    If F.E.A.R 2 was in a pack, I'd buy it.. Sadly it ain't, and there are none of the games on the christmas sale store that I want.. So..

    But this is indeed nicely done by Steam.
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    I'm going to be poor by the end of the sale. Already bought 4 games I think :[

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    i bought a ton of games during their last year Christmas sale. they don't get any better than during Xmas.

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    Deus Ex pack (for those who don't know, this game has a MAJOR cult following) for $3, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands for ~$6, Bioshock 2 for $10.

    Valve and Steam is just genius, i'm thanking them as they have their way with my wallet.

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    Now where's my half life 2 episode 3?!


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    no. way.

    I had no idea about this until you mentioned it.


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    I love the sales that steam has. It lets me buy games that I want for a fraction of the price. I can't wait for THQ week again

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    Hm, Alpha Protocol for £5? I've been wanting to give it a go for a while now. I'm really hoping they discount the Warhammer 40k games at some point, I really want to play those.

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    Steam is amazing. Why sell a 100 dollar collection of games that equal 300 worth of games once a week when you can sell 10 50 dollar collection of games that equal 300 worth a games once every day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    You gys are seriously victims of marketing lol. Such easy prey.
    You are... Cloud.. predictable and lonely.

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    Just got myself Mass Effect 2

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    The steam sale.. ummmm.. just making sure I do not go too over the top and only buy what I will play.. so far 'Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising' I am hoping that Call of Duty : Black ops will be included but that is wishful thinking as it will probably take for the next CoD to be released before that one goes down


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    There have been some great deals, but nothing has caught my eye yet.

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    The prices are cheap but a lot of the games are crappy anyway. There are some gems though. I've been looking at the catalogue every day, and either I own the game or I dont' want to waste money (even sub $5) on the bad games.

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    Went and bought Burnout Paradise for $5, I'm pleasantly surprised too. Really fun, and I'm not even really into racing games all that much!

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    Im just looking at the Indie Games since the sale started, wanted to try Aquaria for some time but it wasn't on sale yet :\
    The Indie Packs didn't quite do it for me either, I just bought the Fantasy Pack but didn't yet play any of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subintro View Post
    Just got myself Mass Effect 2
    You shall not be disappointed my friend. Best game I've ever played. They're even making a Mass Effect movie.
    May WoWTrance never be forgotten. It was my start and it shall be my end.

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