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    Wishes I had known about this thread earlier......

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    Finally a list, which tells me where to farm!!
    I've been looking for this for ages!!

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    bubble shooter

    Ooh I like this game it's so great

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    Would be awesome if this got updated for pandaria.

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    Awesome thread.

    Last night I got my 32nd Canopic Jar on my Alchemy alt. No recipe. I've levelled her from 85 to halway through 89 now almost exclusively from Arch. In fact I was watching and I got over 30% of 88-89 last week without getting a single Tol'Vir site.

    Either the Vial recipe should be BoA, or the Pandaria crates should be. My main has gotten so many Canopic Jars and they're such a waste QQ.
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    Thanks rudax!!!

    I really appreciate it.....

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    is it better to farm pandaria sites and turn them in for tolvir?

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    if u have this mantid thingy i belive yea its faster to just dig mantid and turn them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nights View Post
    if u have this mantid thingy i belive yea its faster to just dig mantid and turn them
    Yes, this is certainly how you do it. All mantid sites are west of the wall and have their fragments very close together inside the sites according to my addons.

    Buy mantid kit, use the map to randomise the sites and then use a lodestone to teleport over. Have fun farming west of the wall.

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    I'm also trying to do Pandarean sites for Tol'vir. It helps also if you have one of the feathers from the timeless isle for increased travel speed.

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    Really coool made man!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Like really awesome, gj!

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    I hope they start doing more with Archy. When it first came out in Cata, I was first pretty upset with it and thought it was boring.

    However, once I started doing it, I really enjoyed it. Getting that rare/epic pet/mount/weapon was really fun to do, and some of them were really nice pieces (mainly the 2H and the Scimatar)

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    Always giggle at the 4% random Night Elf and Nerubian in Eastern Kingdoms.
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    Ah this is great. I can finally find the best places to start levelling Archy!

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