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    Just checked in the Netherlands, very clouded, nothing to see. Shame.
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    Patience and reason do appear to be in short supply these days in the gaming community.

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    Blizzard where I am or else I would be.
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    (Oh god I'm such a troll)

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    colder than a witch's teat here, but yeah, I'm watching it- clear night, even my laser pointer is showing little to no turbulence. Got my scope and camera ready for when it hits fully

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    Cloudy here in Washington state. Hopefully it'll start clearing again - I was able to see the moon about an hour ago.

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    sitting in the wrong hemisphere so i doubt i'll see it...

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    NYC perfect view.
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    You're a Death Knight, therefore you're a noob
    I'm not sure if this is a stereotype though. Can a stereotype be true?

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    wait its today????

    i thought it was tomorrow.
    im trap in this bullshit this routine of life. they build us all up just to tear us all down.
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    It was cloudy but its cleared up nicely this evening so ill be looking for it.

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    Did I miss it yet?
    Hey everyone

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    should be in about 16 minutes, peaking in 53 minutes
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    Wait so it is going to light a bit of the earth up.

    I've never seen a lunar eclipse so I'm not to sure on what is happening.
    Hey everyone

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    Running in and out watching it now. It's so cold!

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    It's supposed to happen at around 8:40 here in sweden, but it's cloudy atm so I might not see shit, but I'll go out neways!

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    I may peek my head out the front door but its been raining all day so I doubt I'll be able to see anything on account of the clouds
    how do i delete a thread?

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    missing Eclipse procs would make me lose 16% mana and some damage.... gotta watch for them all the time
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    That's me

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    The total eclipse starts at 2:51 am, ending at 3:43 am (eastern times).

    Right now it's partial, and looking pretty cool. Too cold to stay outside for a long period, but I'll be running in and out frequently. Debating on whether or not it's worthwhile to set my telescope up.

    Luckily it's perfectly clear here. After missing every major meteor shower over the last year because of clouds, I guess mother nature decided she owed me this one.

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    Freaking clouds... CURSE YOU MOTHER NATURE! I am going to Nordrasil and kick Ysera in the head. Then I'm going to knee Malfurion in the groin.
    ^This sums it up pretty well

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    Staggered out of my WoW cave to see disappoint me once again Mother Nature!


    O well back to heroic farming XD

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    I would....but just like three years ago its cloudy here. Not something you'd expect in the middle of the desert. *sighs* oh well...

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    Setting my telescope up now - will try to get some pictures up soon for all those stuck with clouds.

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