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    Conquest Points : Roll Time?

    Just Wondering, Searched Through, Saw Nothing.

    Would anyone happen to know what time Conquest Points roll and when your cap is open? Someone perhaps recall what time they rolled last week?

    Thanks for the info.

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    I don't know for certain, but I think it would be tuesday for US. And wednesday for EU.

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    Oh, I know the days, I just mean like, actual time.

    Before Cataclysm, I used to pickup Arena Points at like, 3amish, before Maintenance.

    Does anyone know if that's happening now still or?

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    2 AM server time. Everything resets then (dailies, weeklies, etc)

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    As I recall arena was reset at midnight not at "daily reset time"..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enabled View Post
    As I recall arena was reset at midnight not at "daily reset time"..
    I don't remember it being that way in BC (the last time I cared to set foot in an arena game) but maybe things have changed. Either way, OP, just check at midnight and if it's not reset, check again at 2. I guarantee that one of us is right.

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    It's currently 12:15am here in California. No Reset yet.

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    any news about conquest points cap?

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