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    Thank for this guide. I'd also recommend using the add-on KeyPad and ORing. Combined with effective keybinding, it makes for smoother gameplay and a cleaner UI. I use ORing to bind professions, food, portals, stances, to Alt-modified keys. Typically for things OOC since I, too, find it difficult to use anything other than ALT-T in combat. But this will clear up a lot of screen space.

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    Nice guide, but I'd like to advocate for one big change. Shift everything over one column. Move with sdfe. More keys become available for easy reach, and it's a natural rest position for any typist. Plus most "F" keys are textured so you can find your place on the keyboard easily without looking.

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    Nice guide! I wanted to post my thoughts on the alt modifier. I find it is really comfortable for alt+1 and alt+2, and i've begun using it with Z, 3, and the grave key as well, `. Those are some of my most spammed keybinds (incinerate, conflagrate, fel flame).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danael View Post
    Thank for this guide. I'd also recommend using the add-on KeyPad and ORing. Combined with effective keybinding, it makes for smoother gameplay and a cleaner UI. I use ORing to bind professions, food, portals, stances, to Alt-modified keys. Typically for things OOC since I, too, find it difficult to use anything other than ALT-T in combat. But this will clear up a lot of screen space.
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    just another tip for keybinding:

    if you bind actionbar 2 to mousewheel UP and actionbar 1 to mousewheel DOWN (not next/previous action bar!) you can easily double the amount of comfortably reachable buttons!

    so its:
    1,2,3,4,q,e,r,f,y/z,x,c,v. and with one scroll of the mousewheel you have an additional 12 hotkeys without the need of using modiviers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmackie View Post
    One thing I have done, which I haven't seen anyone do other then my brothers (cause I told them) is move your hand one key to the right.

    Make your movement keys esdf instead of wasd, it opens up a bunch of new keys in the easy to reach range. With this I am able to bind my main moves to "qwazxcrtgv" then have shift + those keys for secondary moves. I have always found the number keys to be very awkward to use, but they are somewhat in reach still anyways.
    could be a good idea but no.
    If u do that is really hard to use \ and modifiers while strafing ... So instead of opening keys u'll get really many less keys to use fast and with satisfaction.
    Sure if u just pve and u don't have to move that much it can be a good idea.
    Imho anyways.

    A thing id like to add is that u guys (if u already haven't) HAVE to buy a mouse with at least 2 buttons (the one used to go back and forward on web pages) cos that (using modifiers) adds like 10 keybindings more! And thats like a 15€ mouse, not an expensive one.

    Using wasd + mouse buttons and modifiers (ctrl alt shift) im like using 50+ keybindings

    Also getting a mod like Bartender to switch a full bar pressing a modifier is really handy.

    Nice guide mate keep it on!

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    I didn't see this in your guide but I had trouble with keybinds of R and Y - hitting them interrupted not only pve but also crucial moments in pvp.

    I changed them both ti shift+r/y in my keybinds and started using r and y for more practical things. Hope that helps people learning to keybind now.
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    Just throwing this out there,is it possible to use a gaming controller?lol

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    Great guide!

    I use mouse to turn anyway, but i shamefully never thought to use A&D for somthing useful. There's egg on my face!

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    I honestly love using shift+W for my charge/intercept macro as a warrior (look it up somewhere)
    it saves space and feels very good, as a charge is basicalling walking forward really fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmergiles View Post
    Cool guide, this might help me with the issue that Bartender won't let me keep the same keybindings across shapeshifted forms.

    Don't suppose you can add any Macro assistance for the ones you specify?
    Lets solve the bigger issue first, bartender will let you keep the same keybinds across shapeshifts, but you have to turn off bar paging. Open bartender, go to bar one click state configuration, on the Stance Configuration change the options to "Don't Page". It'll stop your bars from changing when you swap forms, meaning you'll likely need your keybinds to be macros like mine.

    This isn't quite as short as mine, but it'll help you understand what is going on with it more

    /cast [stance:0] Nourish
    /cast [stance:1] Mangle
    /cast [stance:3, nostealth] Mangle(Cat Form)
    /cast [stance:3, stealth] Pounce
    /cast [stance:1] !Maul

    That will cast nourish in caster form, mangle in bear form, mangle in catform if not stealthed, pounce if you are stealthed, and will cast maul anytime you have enough rage in bearform. (if you're going to only be doing heroics you may want to remove maul, I just don't have a rage problem in raids)

    As for recommendations given here to change wasd to esdf, That is really going to be personal preference. What a person can and cant reach/do with their fingers+keyboard is different for everyone. For me esdf means I take too long to hit 1, but I gain the use of G and B. However it also makes it uncomfortable for me to hit Ctrl, so its not worth it. If you find something that you find comfortable, lets you hit the amount of keys you need to, with their modifiers, all in under half a second, by all means use them.

    The possibility of using a gaming controller? Sure, there are various guides around the internet on things like that. The problem is that they're never going to be as accurate, or have as many options as a keyboard+mouse.

    I think in the end, what I'm going to tell people recommending certain keybinds. What is comfortable for you may not be comfortable for other people, the goal here is to get people who are clicking and keyboard turning to have some idea on how to go about keybinding. On the up side, it just goes to show that different people are comfortable with different things. For the most part, there is no wrong way to go about it.

    I'll check back later.

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    Awsome Guide... But its hard to get used too =/

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    imo add some info for lefty's i personally use jkl;opnm...well right side of keyboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxygrandpa View Post
    imo add some info for lefty's i personally use jkl;opnm...well right side of keyboard
    The problem with that is the fact that there is an extra key inbetween ctrl and alt on the right side of your keyboard. Using IJKL, or even OKL; for movement has left me without any way to comfortably hit all of the modifiers on that side of the keyboard. You're probably better of still using the left side of your keyboard and right-hand for your mouse.

    Is it possible to do? Sure, like I said if you can find something that feels good and lets you use all of your abilities, go for it.

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    Amazing guide for those who are reluctant to keybind. Thumbs up to you. One thing I will say from personal experience is if the class you play has a spell interrupt of any sort (counterspell, kick, pummel, etc.) and you have one of those mouses that have the two side buttons on it for web browsing (one goes back a webpage, the other goes forward) that you bind your interrupt to that forward side button. I can't tell you have many times that has helped me to have an interrupt so close to my hand. My reaction times on interrupts are spot on. Any class I play that has an interrupt spell is bound to that button. I don't know what I'd do without a mouse that had that.

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    PvE Fury:

    Don't have anything to put on 7, cause Berserker Stance doesn't have many abilities and I'm not using other stances in raids a lot.
    What you don't see is that I've bound ground mount to CTRL+4 and flying mount to CTRL+5.

    PvP Arms:

    What you don't see is Conjured food bound to ALT+R, Shoot (ranged) bound to ALT+F and same mount binds as in Fury.
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    You can actually get a lot more keybinds if you use esdf for moving

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    Like the thread, but I have a few other tips I'd give to people trying to maximize their keybinding efficiency.

    I prefer esdf for my movement keys over wasd simply because it gives my hand a larger range of keys. I also recommend buying a mouse with at least two extra buttons such as the Razer Death Adder or the Logitech MX518. If you bind these extra buttons to become your modifiers, then you free your left pinky for more keybindings and also make your right thumb an efficient finger rather than just sitting at your mouses edge.

    One thing not mentioned in this thread is finger-key relationship when binding your keys. It's not just putting the abilities that you use the most close to your movement keys, it also matters what fingers are hitting those abilities. You don't want the finger that is hitting the button you're spamming the most to be the one that is also assigned to your interrupt key. It makes that finger work more and prevents you from going through your rotation while interrupting.
    In this image, blue is the pinky, orange is the ring finger, yellow the middle finger, green the index finger, and purple the thumb. You don't necessarily have to follow this template for which finger hits what, but the coloring is the most natural for those who know how to type.

    Since your index finger has the largest range, I recommend you put your key rotation abilities in there. You can put core abilites that aren't as useful on your pinky finger, such as taunts or maybe AOE abilities. I prefer the ring finger for my interrupts. For your "C" key, you can also include that in your index finger or your thumb as more than likely you'll be using it for moving forward most of the time. Keep in mind that your thumb can easily reach keys around the spacebar. If you do not want to use your mouse for modifiers, I'd highly recommend using alt as one of them as it gives your left thumb much more to do than sitting on your default jump spacebar.

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    played wow for 3 years and always clicked
    even managed to get my mm hunter to 2250 on 3v3 in wotlk by clicking (i only had disengage bound to perform better jumps)

    my opinion is that you gotta bind everything only if you are a melee

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    i dont fell good with strafing with A D so i use Q W E A S D to move my chard and use mouse has well (this cause i have so many keys on my mouse that some times i cant move with it and need to keyboard turn -.-) has for Ctrl my laptop is a kill because after shift it cames laptop Fn and not ctrl, at least my mouse rules so i can overcame the fact that i dont use CTRL.

    Remember to bind similar skills to the same keys on your other chard.

    Exemple interrupts, Rebu, mindfress, pummel and counterspell are in scroll

    AOE comsacretion, dead and decay, rain fire blizzard are on C

    Bubble, hunger cold, IB, dispersion is on mouse botton 4

    divine protection, shield wall, icebound, deterrance, Icebarrier, evasion, berserkskin are on sift Q

    it helps if similar skills are on same binds

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