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    Bind Key Macros

    I use a couple of macros to bind my keys. Use these macro's replacing the KEYWORD with your settings. Put your new macro on your toolbar and click it to bind to the spell/macro to your key.

    --Bind Spell--
    /run SetBindingSpell("KEY", "SPELL") 
    /run SaveBindings(2)
    --Bind Macro--
    /run SetBindingMacro("KEY", "MACRONAME")
    /run SaveBindings(2)

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    Currently contemplating making the change from Clicking to Keybinding, although i do feel i am playing well with clicking, want to see if i can make any improvements. Some useful ideas here, suppose the only way to find out is the bite the bullet and go for it. <Darkened> Burning Steppes EU Currently Recruiting for Firelands.
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