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    A Spamer's guide to spam


    Welcome to a spammer's pocket guide to spam:

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: While you might have expected a guide to stopping spam, I say fight fire with fire with more fire. [2. Trade][Ultion]: Before this guide starts Ill start with the definition of spam:

    a disruptive, esp. commercial message posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail.

    Spam - Spamming, in the context of computer games, refers to the rapid, repeated use of the same item or action. For example, "grenade spamming" is the act of a player throwing a
    large amount of grenades in succession into an area. ...

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: Hopefully this small guide will have you slinging spells and sentences faster than ever before!
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: Spam is not only a delicious food (yeah right...) but a great tool in video games for...ehh..spamming..
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: In World of Warcraft, spamming in a combat context is a great skill to learn/know, allowing you to
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: seamlessly unleash powerful spell after powerful spell. Before you read further I will note that many
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: players will express jealousy of the awesome skills you are about to learn here and may call you names like
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: " NoOb " and " spamer nub " .

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: First things first Ill show you how to spam in combat.
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: Below, this image shows the standard actionbar for a warlock. The spell on the left called
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: "shadowbolt " is a good spammer move.
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: The first thing to do is click this spell rapidly

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: After clicking shadowbolt, you will be awarded with a glowing outline confirming your success in clicking it.

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: This will unleash shadowbolt and temporarily make it unavailable for use. This time would usually be spent moving your mouse or
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: hand ready to press the next key: this is where the spammer excels. Knowing you will be casting the same spell again do
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: not move your hand. Instead fight against instinct itself and keep clicking the same spell. "But ultion, this is madnesss!!"
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: they might say, simply chuckle as they see the mighty forces you unleash through this technique, they will learn to fear you! (12% more efficient than love).

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: The above is a simple formula to success, simply rinse and repeat to max dps. Consistency is key and a spammer knows this deep
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: down. Using the example above, the player would continue to click shadowbolt until their target is nothing but a smoldering pile of ash.
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: Now I will show you how to spam in chat. This is a useful tool for gaining the attention of underlings and comrades (if you have any).
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: A warning before you continue: Blizzard frowns on people using this powerful technique and may, out of pure jealously, punish you.

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: To start, You must come up with a phrase, such as " WTS simple flour 10g ". Opening your menu select
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: This should reveal the menu below

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: In the macro name box put a simple name like " WTS 1 " and select a pretty image (bile spewing one makes for an ironic choice)
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: After clicking okay, type the following into your macro commands box " /2 WTS {item} {price} !!! " filing in the blanks appropriately.
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: With this done, drag this icon onto your actionbar, go somewhere public like a city and let rip, clicking that icon like there's no [2. Trade][Ultion]: tomorrow! (click too much and there might not be...)
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: A good tip is to click this roughly 5 times then wait 10 seconds then click again 5times and wait another 10 seconds.

    [2. Trade][Ultion]:This technique will boost your productivity tenfold!

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: Finally some expert tips on this vocation:

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: 1st, if someone calls you out, reply with a your moma joke in public chat, this will spark a public argument that other people will
    [2. Trade][Ultion]:get involved in. When things heat up simply lay low for a few minutes then let the spam keep rolling..

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: 2nd, the /ignore feature, while your biggest enemy is also your biggest friend, don't waste time on a whispered duel with
    [2. Trade][Ultion]:someone, just ignore them, this will make you feel like a big man.

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: 3rd, Chicks dig spamming, I know, who would have thought, but they love it, trade spam,general spam, they cant get enough!

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: 4th and finally, accomplices are good, not only for helping you spam but to pin the blame on if your caught. Simply bribe a low
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: level new to the game (look for people without heirlooms) with gold. be careful though, try not to get attached to this guy, he
    [2. Trade][Ultion]: might seem cute and cuddly but if you get attached to him it will hurt when he attempts to pin the blame on you instead..

    [2. Trade][Ultion]: If you made it this far I salute you, and wish you the best for Christmas, may your spam be plentiful !!!

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    Golden +1

    Forgot to mention a few of the staples of trade spamming.

    [2][Garyoak]Did someone mention [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]
    [2][Garyoak]I swear someone mentioned [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]
    [2][Garyoak]OMG where do you get [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]

    [2][Garyoak]The Exodar is under attack!
    [2][Garyoak]Horde in exodar!
    ^- worked better when teleports where in Dal, now no one cares [well cares less]

    [2][Garyoak]What if Zelda was a girl?

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    Wouldn't it be *spammer's*?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcbert View Post
    Wouldn't it be *spammer's*?
    Both would be gramatically incorrecy... it would be "spammers" or "spammers'"...

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    [2][Insertnamek]What if Zelda/Samus was a girl?

    Had a lot of fun with those two ^_^

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    get others to help by posting a healthcare debate or something about Obama. Chuck Norris jokes stopped working though.

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    I love spam! I'm having spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam and spam!
    But your eyes are drawn of charcoal they're black they're so cold they're so imperfect because they see a sleeping world where waking isn't worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tozza View Post
    [2][Insertnamek]What if Zelda/Samus was a girl?

    Had a lot of fun with those two ^_^
    What if METROID was a girl.

    -If you're going to troll, do it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by conqq View Post
    What if METROID was a girl.

    -If you're going to troll, do it right.
    Idk, he got you. Seems he was doing something right.
    But your eyes are drawn of charcoal they're black they're so cold they're so imperfect because they see a sleeping world where waking isn't worth it

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