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    Black Temple guide (back when it was hard)

    I wrote this guide for my old guild about 2.5 years ago I believe, so perhaps even longer ago.

    It's located here: w.ww.exilium-industries. eu/BT (delete spaces obviously)

    I'm not sure if this is a guide that is allowed to enter, but I had this one still laying around, so why not!?

    (I am able to verify I wrote this guide; still got all the original screenshots/files etc).


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    As I saw this:

    I saw a couple of people reposting old guides, I even saw a Black Temple guide. I'm not necessarily expecting top-edge Cataclysm info but posting a 3 year old guide there and hoping to win is probably a bit optimistic.
    on the mainpage, I've decided to create an other guide. I hope you will allow me to post my "tweaked guide", which is - if I may say so myself - looking quite epic already.

    Please inform me if can or cannot enter my updated guide. Ofcourse there should be some sort of effort put in to win anything (as with everything), hence the reason why I'm doing a new one.

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    Since I wasn't able to finish my guide (about the whaleshark ) I guess I have to keep this one as my submission.


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    nice guide im soloing bt on my dk right now, im stuck on tereon might get him with ur guide though, and im hopeing for the next patch when they make deathstrike heal 15% total hp in frost/unholy :P

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