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    Storm Peaks Rare Mob Guide

    (Just a note: This is a copy/paste/edit of a guide I posted on a Livejournal community some time ago, so if it looks familiar you probably saw it there. If mods want a link to the original and some kind of confirmation that it's really me on that Livejournal account I can do this. I was already editing and posting this before Boub posted the update on the front page >_< But I absolutely can provide proof the LJ is mine, or if you want to delete it go ahead and let me know and i'll go...figure something else out. I guess. lol)



    We'll get this rolling with a list of what rare mobs actually spawn in Storm Peaks. The mobs you'll be looking for are:

    Time-Lost Proto Drake


    Dirkee is an oversized mecha-gnome with three spawn 'areas' in the Storm Peaks.

    I say 'areas' because he seems to have a bit of variation in exact spawn points when he spawns, just from what i've seen.

    In the area around Engine of the Makers, you'll catch him near the Blood Elf NPC with the cat pet, or over near the mountain on the west side of the Engine, kind of around where the big stone guy pats. There's some rhinos too.

    The area near Camp Tunka'lo is actually right down from the camp on the top of the cliff, there's a little open area at the top of the cliff with some trees. If you find him and fight him here be VERY CAREFUL to fight him facing away from the cliff, because he has a knockback that kicks like a donkey on steroids and he'll knock you off the cliff to your death.

    The point near Ulduar is right in a bunch of mecha-gnomes on mechanostriders and some funky ball things. He can either be close to the edge on the little platform there, or back in the snow near the trees. Again, be careful to fight him facing away from the edge or you'll go flying off it to your death.

    Dirkee has 50k HP, a monster damage-dealing knockback, and a rocket attack that hits for around 4-5k. I don't suggest trying him on a low level (as in, too low to be in storm peaks anyway) clothie or maybe even a leather wearer. Mail and Plate might be able to handle him. He will drop Titanium Brain-Gear of the X or Dirkee's Superstructure.


    These two are combined together because they share spawn points and patrol paths. Time-Lost Proto Drake is sort of a rare spawn of a rare spawn; According to one theory he has a small chance to spawn in place of Vyragosa, so both will never be up at the same time. Theoretically. The other popular theory is RANDOM SPAWN IS RANDOM and his only connection to Vyragosa is patrol paths and spawn points being similar. Both of them fly several feet off the ground; in a few places you might be able to pull them from the ground but in most cases they'll be too high up. To better your chances of getting the first hit make sure to carry a Snowfall Lager or two with you so you can dismount from your mount and slowfall down, hitting it on the way down to tag him/her for yourself.

    Vyragosa is a full grown blue dragon, Time-Lost Proto Drake is a bronze/yellow colored Proto Drake.

    They have 4 patrol routes through the Storm Peaks, some are short, some are long, and one is XBOX HUEG.

    The large dots are approximate spawn points with the arrowed lines showing patrol direction. I am a master of MS Paint. As you can see, several of them cross eachother. Many people chose to camp over the frozen lake at Bor's Breath due to how many paths cross there.

    The first spawn is right in the mountainside near the frozen lake at Bor's Breath near the harpy tree. Vyragosa will even be partially inside the mountain at first, not sure about TLPD. They'll fly from there up through Valkyrion and continue circling on that route.

    The second is almost directly over the pit of bears in Brunnhildar Village. They'll once again come out of a mountainside, Vyragosa's tail will start out partially inside the mountain. They'll move from here through the field of blue protos and continue on that route.

    The third point is up by Ulduar, on the Terrace of the Makers side. They'll once again start out near a mountainside, flying in front of Ulduar and twards Snowdrift and continue on this path. It's the longest path of the 4 and one heck of a ride.

    I'm not 100% sure about the spawn location on the 4th path. I've never seen the spawn here but i've been told it's either at the top of Bor's Fall or somewhere near Frosthold (The dot on my map is at Bor's Fall as just sort of a default spot). I'm more inclined to believe Frosthold due to the fact that if it spawned over Bor's Fall it would be the ONLY spawn path out of the four that didn't come out of a mountainside, whereas if it spawned near Frosthold it would be coming out of a mountainside. In any case I DO know that they fly counterclockwise on this path, and at one point DO travel over Bor's Fall, up the frozen river, and to the frozen lake at Bor's Breath.

    Vyragosa will attack you from range so melee should be prepared to either LoS her behind something after you've tagged her or to keep kiting her until she lands, because she'll chase you at an angle that will eventually cause her to come to the ground. She has 18.9k HP, a not-too-terrible cleave, and a frost breath attack with a slow that she'll cast over and over from the air. She'll drop Azure Dragonleather Helm of the X.

    Time-Lost Proto Drake will melee attack you, and has a stun that clears threat and some kind of teleport move that you probably wont even see because he dies so fast. He has 18.9k HP and drops Time-Forward Talisman of the X and of course Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. The mount is a 100% drop chance.

    Camping TLPD is still very worth it if you've got the time to invest in it (it's a running joke that it's name is a reference to all the "time lost" spent camping it). He's existed since Wrath was released but I still get fairly frequent whispers asking where I got him at when I fly around on him, so if you're looking for a decently unique eye-catching mount and have a lot of time to waste I'd say go for it. I actually ride this drake more than I ride my Frostwyrm.


    Skoll the static puppy spirit beast has 3 locations in Storm Peaks. He's a neutral mob and doesn't patrol. You'll probably want to be careful if you decide to go after this mob for some reason and you're not a hunter, because if you kill it and a hunter sees they'll probaly rip you a new one.

    Here's what you're looking for:

    One spawn area is directly above Brunnhildar Village near the blue proto drakes. You'll see a brown colored disk on the ground. Camp there, eventually receive lightning dog.

    One is in a small snowy area next to the frozen lake at Bor's Breath. There's some harpies killing birds hanging out but you can probably find a place to stand around and camp without aggroing the harpies, and plus you have a chance standing there to see Vyragosa or TLPD.

    The last is in Snowdrift Plains, just above Valkyrion. There's a cave with some iron dorfs, air elementals, and worms around it. You might want to stay on a flyer here because i'm not sure if there's a place you can stand and not aggro.

    Skoll has 18.9k HP and drops Skoll's Fang of the X. His only ability before being tamed is Pounce which makes him leap to you and gives him a slight buff. Once tamed by a hunter he learns normal spirit beast attacks. He is NOT classified as a wolf.

    That's it for rare mobs in the Storm Peaks, hopefully this guide will at least be mildly useful to some newer hunters, people new to the rare-spawn scene looking to get Northern Exposure/Frostbitten, or people looking for a long hunt for a sweet mount. The mount may even be easier to get now that Northrend is less populated. Happy hunting!
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