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    Set the Oven to "Cataclysmic", whats the quickest way to get this now?

    With all the unnecessary nerfs recently, i feel boned.

    Im left stuck and unsure how can i get this in a cost effective way... And fast!

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    Easy way i did it:

    1) level cooking to 525
    2) Get recipe for "South Island Iced Tea"
    3) (Already have chef's hat)
    4) Go to the vendor in Uldum or the one in Twilight Highland that sells the mats
    5) Fill bags with mats, spam iced tea, rinse repeat.

    costs exactly 2 gold and 43 silver per 5 made = 2430 gold to do the whole achieve this way

    With a Chef's Hat from the Dalaran cooking achieves I ground out about 1.5k worth of these in around 20 minutes or so?

    Plus, they're selliing nicely on my server's AH due to all the "Kungaloosh" addicts, easily movable at a price range of 1.5x to 2x the material cost this early.

    edit: hardest part was figuring out what to do with all the darn stuff when I was done.

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    we had 1 guy littererally do it for us himself. he had a boatload of mats from wotlk.

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    i made nearly 5k starfire esspresso's for our guild ach
    -don't need max cooking(425 i think)
    -vendor mats
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    This involves staying in SW and costs significantly less (well it costed me 1k odd gold):

    You can make Starfire Espresso. Recipe is taught by Sous Chef Bario Mateli, buy the Cocoa Beans from him too and Fresh Water from the Innkeeper in SW. Costs total 4g for a stack of 20.

    Proceed to get achievement in maybe an hour half if you're starting from scratch. That's 5 thousand cups of cuppa you gotta brew man.

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    Starfire espresso was hotfixed a few days ago. The only recipe with purchaseable mats now is indeed South Island Iced Tea. Unless they decide to remove it too...
    However depending on server you might consider some cheap meat/fish. For example, blood shrimps prices can drop quite low, and you can cook them for useful food, not something you'll just vendor.
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    I did that yesterday for my guild using the South Island Ice Tea recipe. Since I started at around 400/5000 the mats for the rest were a little less than 2k gold. My guild chipped in on that, so I spent only 200g and did it all by myself in around 2 hours (with afk and cooking hat).

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    I recently spent five cooking marks on a recipe that takes a fruit from the Twilight Highlands, which is purchasable. I imagine that will count toward the achieve, since it's level 85.

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    I just bougth the recipe that coast 5 awards, and bougth the mats from the vendores

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    i fished up a boatload of stat food for my guild and cooked it all, only took a few days total. but the feast recipe that it gives is the inferior 60 stat one so we dont even use it :\

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