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    Netherwing Egg Farming Guide

    WARNING! This guide is very picture heavy.

    In this guide, I’ll be showing the best places to find netherwing eggs. These are not all the spawn points, only the most predominant spawn points I have been able to find, so there will most likely be a lot more on the Netherwing Ledge. I will start in Dragonmaw Fortress on the main part of Shadowmoon Valley.

    The first place to look is the tower. The egg will spawn inside the top part as it did in this picture.

    In the main fortress part, there are four spawn points for eggs; two behind the mounted orcs, one in the lower part of the building on the left side, and one inside the upper part of the building on the right. Below is a better look at the spawn points.

    After the main fortress part, fly down to the nether whelp pen and one egg can spawn there.

    Next to the nether whelp pen is another guard tower like thing and behind the mounted orc is another spawn point for an egg.

    To the left of the wall on the ground is a blue nether drake and in the corner behind it is another spawn point.

    To the left of the last spawn point is a stable. In the second stall on the left side of the stable is a spawn point for an egg as seen in the picture.

    Next fly out of the stable and down the stone path and on the left is a broken down cart. Inside the cart is another spawn point for an egg.

    Next fly back towards the first tower and on the ground level is a broken down building with an orc in it. Next to the orc is another spawn point.

    After the broken down hut, it is time to fly out to Netherwing Ledge. A lot more eggs can spawn at random areas on the ledge. The easiest way to spot an egg is the smoke it gives off which can reach up a fair distance from the egg.

    The first place to check on Netherwing Ledge is the bridge with the two large dragon guards in front of it. At levels 80-85, they should not aggro onto you if you stay far enough away. An egg can spawn at two places on the bridge.

    Next fly to the mountain to the left. There are also two places for an egg to spawn; on top of the hill and on a crystal out crop further down the hill overlooking the Twisting Nether (outer space pretty much).

    To the right is another mountain next to a giant wind serpent skeleton. On top of the mountain is another spawn point.

    An egg can also spawn inside of the windserpent skeleton’s mouth.

    To the right of the skeleton is a giant mountain with a lot of Nethermine Flayers on it. Search along the whole mountain for an egg’s spawn point. The location I usually find the most eggs is the top part of the mountain with the Netherflayer Matriarch.

    Next to the Netherflayer Mountain on the northern side are three hills that span from the bridge to the quest hub for the netherwing rep. All three hills have the potential of being spawn points for an egg.

    Next to the quest hub is another mountain and has two spawn points; one on the hill and one on the crystal outcropped from it.

    Across the airport looking thing that the races start from are two more hills. One egg can spawn on both hills along with another egg on the crystal of the second hill.

    On the southern side of the Netherwing Ledge are two more hills that both have eggs that can spawn on top of them.

    Next we get to go into the mine. The mine has many random spawn points as well so watch for the smoke the eggs give off. Eggs will sometimes spawn inside of carts.

    Upon entering the mine, check the entrance area with all the mining broken space goats. Eggs can spawn anywhere inside that beginning area. Make your way past the slimes and travel along the cart track going deeper into the mines. Always look at the ground below the track as well as on the other track for random eggs that could have spawned there.

    First place to check is at the end of the track that leads to the ground floor. At the bottom are three rooms that all three have the potential of being spawn points.

    Next head to the left of the three rooms and keep going until you reach the Nether drake named Toranaku. There are two spawn points in his room.

    Head back onto the tracks and head to the right, going even deeper into the mines. At the end of the tracks is a small area with a bridge that allows you to enter the ravager and nethermine flayer infested part of the mine. There are three spawn points in the area; one near the tracks, one on the right part of the bridge, and one on top of the bridge (as seen in the picture).

    Go across the bridge and enter the mine. The first room has two main spawn points which are at the back of the tiny rooms at the back of the larger room. There are a few other random spawn points inside the room.

    I will start out by going to the right of the entrance. This room has three smaller rooms which can be spawn points for eggs. There are also many random spawn points throughout the room.

    Keep going right to the room with the crazed broken workers. In both of the two rooms are two spawn points for eggs.

    Head back to the bridge area and go the opposite direction from which you came from. At the end of the tunnel is a huge room with oodles (my word, no take!) of spawn points. There are also three small rooms in there that can spawn eggs as well.

    Keep following the tracks further and you’ll enter another tunnel, but this one has two rooms which spawn eggs. There are also a few random spawn points as well.

    Continue to the last room of the mine. There are four spawn points in the room.

    And that is it. Depending on how busy it is at the time, you can walk away with 1-8 eggs in hand. Eggs have about a 3 hour respawn rate, so once you go through hunting for eggs, go do the daily netherwing quests or log onto another character and do something else to pass time. If you’re lucky, it’ll only take a week or so to go from neutral to exalted and get a pretty nether drake.
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    I was doing this atm, also you might want to kill just about all mobs you find in the mine, since they all have a small drop chance on the eggs

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    Just started doing these quests. This is an awesome guide thank you for sharing.

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    I once found 17 eggs at one day, due loot, mining and ofc finding them scattered around. That's alot of rep with a human racial...

    Thanks to this the normal 2 weeks became 5 days for me, because I farmed eggs every day and found about 10 a day.

    (OT; Best guide around here for Netherwing Eggs)

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    I'm just curious, when you guys are saying you find multiple eggs a day...just how long each day are you investing into this? I got Exalted on my Druid during TBC, and just did the initiation quests on my Warlock. The dailies (while easy) are mind-numbing and lengthy, so I'm curious as to how long you guys spend egg-farming.

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    I probably spent about an hour each day looking for Eggs in addition to actually doing the quests / while doing quests.
    For me, I picked up most in the mine. Each day just running around each section of it and killing anything I came across.
    The Fortress off the ledge also was a decent area to look - a lot spawn in a small area.

    Also, in the mines are sludge / ooze mobs. Kill them. Not only do they have a chance to drop the eggs, they also often drop a container item that you can open that also has a chance to contain an egg.

    And oh, I think mine took 8-9 days. I remember at the time I was counting the time I spent each day, the amount of eggs I got from which place, etc, but in the end I didn't write it down and forgot ~_~'
    But one of the days I missed half the dailies due to limited access to the computer; after finding 15 eggs that day ( very, very lucky ;] ) it was a pain to realise that that luck was wasted!
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    Good guide I myself was still using http://wow-pro.com/node/1158
    Please note it's a complete rep farming / egg farming guide
    It's old, I know but still does the trick for me
    Everyone gathering eggs / farming rep
    Good luck and god speed!
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    There are one or two on the floating land fragments between the ledge and the mainland so don't ignore the fragments entirely.
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    You missed one of hte most obvious ones that spawns IN the camp by the racers. You missed all the ones on the floating platforms and the ones that pop outside the mines, on some ledges, and some more hidden ones. Also in the mines, literally every "cranny" where the flayers spawn can have some, you also missed the ones that spawn in mine carts, randomly in the hall, and behind pillars, on bridges, by the draenei inside the mine, by the wurms, by the on the floor by oozes, by the entrances (outside and inside).

    I can think of at least 20 missed spawn points.

    (some of which are right by your pictures lol)

    Other than that good guide.

    PS: I know how hard it is to find them all, ive done it on 5 toons now and every toon I find eggs I'd never found before.

    And depending on WHEN and who else is looking for eggs, you can get very lucky, inside the mines you can get 2-6 in just one pass, while doing the quests. Some of the other eggs are almost guaranteed after a quick pass by. If you want to timely get rep, then its important to farm for eggs as each one found is like a full complete quest (or 2 of the special quests)
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    This is an EXCELLENT guide. do keep up the great work!

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    Holy crap I didnt know they spawned in the camp

    <3 you so much for this guide!!
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    +10 internets to you, sir. I wish I'd had this guide a few months back

    (Also, eggs drop rarely off of monsters, at least in the mines)

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    Omg thats fucking sick!!!

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    Thx for this Excellent work!

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    Thx for this guide. Its really helpful!

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    I'd definately emphasise the part about the floating rocks. Even back in TBC, those egg-spawns were virtually deserted because no one really thought about checking there. I could easily haul up a dozen eggs a day just from checking those and do a shallow sweep of the Dragonmaw Fortress.

    Fly around the floating rocks and check them, especially near crystal clusters. Some might be hidden there.

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    This was very helpful, especially the ones in the Fortress that I didn't know spawned there. Found 3 on my first look.
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    I've been looking for a guide like this. Bookmarked and rated it 5 stars. Thanks!

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