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    Red face Finish the sentence

    Hey guys

    We had this fun thing going on in guild chat yesterday, finish the sentence

    The sentence:

    " Welcome to Cataclysm, Where ................. And ...................... "

    What you need to do is to put in words were they are missing with something that is typical for this expansion (Cataclysm)

    I'll start

    Welcome to Cataclysm, Where its possible to fish in lava And where the drakes mount u instead.

    Extra points if ure choices are abit comical
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    LOAD"*",8,1 Fuzzzie's Avatar
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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where sleep and social lives are non existent.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm where being rude is absolutely normal And everyone does it

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    Welcome to Cataclysm where the pros and baddies are like vinegar and water.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, Where profession trainers And quest npcs can be found underneath 10 mammoths and 20 drake mounts.

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    welcome to cataclysm,where HCs are hard and gnomes can heal!

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where you toss bears down from trees, onto trampolines And huge & massive dragons named Deathwing are tossed far into the skies by little gnomes in Badlands.
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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where i-wanna-die retards try to get them selfs killed by deathwing(myself included) and my little pony rules!

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where complaining and crying will be louder than complimenting and encouraging. (Business as usual.)
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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where bads are idiots and not all idiots are bads.
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    Welcome to Cataclysm, Where worgens howl And nesingwary in in vacation

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    The Patient
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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where everyone blames each other and hellscream takes over the world!

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where our Tauren Chieftan dies and we have a 20 year supply of beef.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where Twilight nerds can now make guilds called "Team Jacob" and have them full of worgen!!

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where only orgrimmar changed and a little bit of lava was added ! :d

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where the rivers and the sea are overflown by QQ.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, Where Deathwing Spreads fire and people stand in them

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where there is more fire and people still die.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where thinking is hard and Gamon is harder.

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    " Welcome to Cataclysm, Where you will chose a female worgen. And people will judge you for that "
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