Hello fellow grinders, if you want a mount that looks cool, hard to get and is fun to obtain, this is the guid for you!

If you got epic flying (280% or higher) you can skip step 1.

1. Go to a capital city and learn epic flying, you dont need to buy the mount but you need the skill that costs 5000g.
2. Ask a friendly mage to port you to Outland or just fly to blasted lands, there is a portal in each capital to the blasted lands if you dont like to fly.
3. When you get to Outland you need to fly south, your destination is the Netherwing fields.
4. Once you are there you got to find a blood elf named Mordenai. http://www.wowpedia.org/Mordenai
5. Once you find him he will give you a quest called Kindness, in that quest you need to kill the flayers in the Netherwing fields.
6. When that quest is done he will give you more quests, in one of them he tells you to go and kill Zuluhed the Whacked which is a group quest but is soloable at 80.
7. At the last quest you will get to neutral with them, after that you will unlock new quest but on Netherwing ledge.
8. At the Netherwing ledge you can do dailys but the fastest way to get to exalted (in my opinion) is to grind the eggs. http://www.wowpedia.org/File:Netherwing_Egg.JPG they can be found all over Netherwing ledge and Dragonmaw fortress but they are not spawning at random places, they spawn on the same place every time.
10. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJRue2DznYU and you will learn where the eggs spawn, this helped me alot.
11. If you follow the youtube guide you should be able to find all the eggs BUT if there are too many people thats trying to get the eggs, do some dailys.
12. Each egg gives you +250 rep with the Netherwing (not the first one, it gives you +350 rep) and +275% for humans, and since you need 42k rep for exalted you need x168 eggs for exalted (if you dont do any dailys).
13. At the last quest you talk to Overlord Mor'ghor then Illidan arrieves and unmasks you but a friendly ''goblin'' will come and aid you, when the ''goblin'' helps you get away from Illidan you get to Lower city, and there you may chose one of the drakes for free, http://www.wowpedia.org/File:Netherd...hoice_noPC.JPG but you can only take one drake free, the others cost 200g each.

If you had a hard time understanding what i was talking about or just want more info, feel free to send me a pm, add my msn netherwingguid@hotmail.com or pst me ingame Bananas Steamwheedle cartel EU

And if you still dont get it or just want to learn eaven more, then go to http://www.wowpedia.org/Netherwing