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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    My character's name is Bear.

    Top that. I dare you.
    I hear menstral cycles attract you...

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    I think "Batatafrita" wins this thread

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    Also I like my priest's name Tampwned

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    Human priest - Arthemius
    Undead Rogue - Morpheus
    Undead DK - Pesticide

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    Great guide !
    My current toon names are :
    Human Lock - Powerstuck...everyone calls me Power and it's my internet nickname.
    Draenai Shaman - old joke, female toon
    Worgen Rogue - Worgverine...I know, I know not the best name.
    Nelf Druid - color in french.
    Dwarf Hunter - Huntsome, my main pet always get named Hotstuff to fit the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baabinator View Post
    My orcish shaman name:
    Take for example my Forsaken Fury Warrior named Styx. (pronounced, sticks)

    It's short. Because a Fury warrior will be in the fray raging about, and doesn't have time to speak to Veralinuhea, Karrynius or Mohjidushi.
    It sounds harsh. As you want as a warrior.
    It's a legendary river in ancient Egypt. River of death or something similiar. This relates to my warrior being Forsaken
    And because you pronounce it "sticks" it refers to sticks and stones, which are of course, skeletons.
    There we go.
    Actually it is Greek Mythology and it is a river of the dead in the underworld. The dead are ferried across the river by Charon. It is the river that Achilles was dipped into to make him immortal.

    Back on topic:

    Kovorkian (paladin) [Dr. Jack Kevorkian - Physician assisted suicide]
    The majority of my characters are named after manga/ anime characters
    Kenpachiz - warrior (arms: swords in TBC)
    Trainhartnet (feral : kitty druid)
    ÿagami (shadow preist) [yes alt characters suck i did this because of my rl friend also lowercase y to start the name is win]
    just some examples
    Strychnine (rogue) [main ingredient in rat poison]

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    I like names with just 1-2 syllabuls (dno how to spell that) the best. Mull, Raxx, Heran, Siva. Short names are the best. Then you don't need nicknames on vent for example.

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    Great Guide. For the record Natrii is the greatest name ever...unless you are on a druid( I got spamed non stop in Hellfire while leveling wanting me to heal...I was a tank. I asked in general chat why people though I was a healer. They told me to look at my name Natrii I guess = Nat- Tree...At least people just call me Nat of the most part :P)

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    Carnesir - Worgen Warrior
    Holieman - Human priest
    Lochdonan - Death knight
    Gavin - Mage

    I usually don't have an issue making up my names, but I have plenty of friends who do. (one is named Evinn and he always uses the randomize button when making character names) Great guide though, will offer this to my friends.

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    this should have won a legit prize. "Mariah -> Dariah. Denis -> oh wait" made me laugh unbelievably hard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    You do know what islands in the ocean do right?
    They float
    true story

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    I named my hunter homovore (sapiens not sexuals).....I forgot the nickname check >_<

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    In a bit late.

    Don't forget the noodley appendagest of our Draenei. Lovecraftian lore works well for influence here.

    Draenei Shadow Priest "Rlyeh"

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    Why is it people have to think Wolverine?

    Do people even know what Wolverines are? They certainly are of NO relation to a wolf. They are mustelidae, part of the ferret, weasel and otter family...Thats right, NOT Wolves...Its too bad people don't read something instead of picking names that just make them appear total buffoons.
    "I heard Shadowmourne procs naked ladies..."
    The rapture took my paladin - May 21, 2011
    In a recent online survey, 100% of the population uses the internet.

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    Start naming your characters things like "Boring" and "Shoelace." WoW doesn't have to be serious business!

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    I have a dwarf hunter named Zaroff (read The Most Dangerouse Game), a rogue named Spookytaco, and a warlock named Satansbigtoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaimelannister View Post
    I hate to be "that guy," but do you realize that many of your suggestions directly violate Blizzard's naming policy? Specifically, you are not allowed to combine multiple words.
    Your link does not support your assertion, except on RP realms.

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    My female be paladin: Välkyrie
    My female be priest: Cecyl
    My male be warrior: Dandëlion
    My little female tauren banker: Mömo

    Put the ¨ thing because Valkyrie, Dandelion and Momo were already taken. D:

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    My names are:
    Juxtapose (Love this word)

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    and i thinking that just using names of astronomical objects was cool enough

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    Pretty neat guide! I all ways find when making a worgen use "mane" at the end or for dwarfs use "beard" at the end. Reason i do this because if you notice some of the lore names (Bronzebeard, Greymane, Firebeard) just kinda goes with the toon you make.
    My characters are.
    Human paladin - Deity
    Dwarf mage - Arcanebeard
    Dwarf death knight - Plaguebeard
    Dwarf warrior - Platebeard
    Worgen warlock - Demonicmane
    Worgen rogue - Sneakymane
    Worgen druid - Naturemane
    Quote Originally Posted by slappy102 View Post
    I believe you have the option to either run back to your corpse and continue living, or you can take a penalty on your physical body through the consultation of a spirit healer.

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