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    This is the guide I appreciate most.

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    My rogue is Solex
    My warrior is Gallows but will soon be Solex
    My goblin shammy is Rox
    my orc bank is Borntoporc
    my alt rogue is Sethroguen

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    Love the guide.

    I have:

    NE Druid: Bloodscore
    Human Paladin: Safetymanual
    Space Goat Hunter: Gobblegobble
    Worgen Warrior: Bisclavret

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    Great guide thanks for taking the time to make this !

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    my Goblin mage has the name: Grînch :P

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    Male Dwarf Hunter called Vanin.
    Female Draenei Paladin called Danatharia.
    Male Worgen Rogue called Mithridates.

    I'm pretty happy actually, especially as I severely doubted that Mithridates, considering how awesome that name is, would be unused.

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    I was reading through the whole thing.
    Then got to the point where he /bows to TotalBiscuit.
    There was literally bile rising in my throat.

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    Orc Hunter - Gybs
    Tauren Paladin - Palimu
    Tauren Druid - Uhstrayya
    Orc Shaman - Zeljko
    Dwarf Hunter and Priest - Gybney
    Human Hunter - VanHyde
    Tauren Warrior - Oureias
    Tauren Druid - Toruhn
    Goblin Shaman - Tinque

    I dont see the need for accents over letters; or sentence names.. I have two "pun" names, but they're not overly obvious or obnoxius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyxxi View Post
    I went for "Skyhowl" for my Worgen Warrior, which I think is pretty awesome.

    My Deathknight was a bit of a boring name "Knightmare"
    My Worgen Rogue is Malcanis.. Latin for "Bad dog". Mal:bad, canis:dog.
    My Human Death Knight is Necromortus (misspelled, should be "is" not "us".), also Latin for "Death of Death". Necro:death, mortisf death.

    ---------- Post added 2011-01-18 at 11:58 PM ----------

    These are the names of some of my characters and what they mean or why I choose them. I have included gender, race, class, and in one instance profession; as these are sometimes relevant.

    Blays female Night Elf Druid
    sic. blaze

    Cailein male Goblin Priest
    Scottish Gaelic for Collin. "Mac Cailein Mor": Son of Collin the Great.

    Dinero male Human Warlock
    slang for money

    Elsu male Night Elf Hunter
    Flying Falcon [Cherokee]

    Ironblade male Human Warrior
    A bladed weapon made of iron.

    Lomion male Night Elf Druid
    Son of Twilight [Quenya (Elvish)] (a language created by J.R.R. Tolkien)

    Malcanis male Worgen Rogue
    Mal: Bad, canis: dog. [Latin]

    Necromortus male Human Death Knight
    (misspelled) Necromortis [Latin] Necro: death, Mortis: of death. "Death of Death"

    Nicnak male Gnome Rogue Engineer
    sic. Nick Nack (Knick Knack, Knickknack): a small or trivial ornament.

    Pattiwak female Gnome Priest
    sic. Patty Wack (nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone...)

    Putrescent male Undead Death Knight
    Becoming putrid, rotting, decomposing.

    Stonefist male Orc Warrior
    Stone Fist

    Sundera female Human Warrior
    Sunder: to break apart. "A" suffix gives a feminine sound.

    Tonk male Taeron Shaman
    abr. Tonka: buffalo [Lakota (Sioux)]. Wakan Tonka: Sacred Buffalo.

    Wellngood male Human Paladin
    sic. well and good.

    Wezel male Goblin Mage
    sic. Weasel

    Xe male Draenei Mage
    abr. Xeno: a prefix based on the Greek word "Xenos", meaning stranger.
    !edis gnorw eht morf siht ta gnikool era uoY

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    troll druid named Zainra, thought it sounded pretty trolly

    Although, i have 2 characters with kind of joke names. Orc shaman named Shamberlampz and a tauren warrior named Mulghore
    Your powers are useless on me you silly billy...

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    Wherever there are gnomes that havent been eaten yet.
    best name for a dwarf hunter...Kegger, and his pets Bud the Bear, Coors the Snow Lion, Vodka the Owl, and Guiness the Wolf.
    <Insert something witty and humorous here>

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    Nice guide =) i always have trouble naming my characers. And for the nickname i think is quite important =P
    i named my troll rouge "Jazzakhan" just so people would have to nic me "Jazz" =)

    and btw here is a wonderful website filled with names
    Pokemon Y Friendcode, PM if you wanna add: 3797-7990-5163

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    One day I named a toon Videotape. Random decision, but it stuck.

    Now all of my toons are tapes:



    Everyone just calls me "tape."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporky0 View Post
    I was reading through the whole thing.
    Then got to the point where he /bows to TotalBiscuit.
    There was literally bile rising in my throat.
    Now isn't THAT constructive feedback? Are you happy with this criticism? What exactly makes you think anyone wants to read your jealous reaction on someone who actually made a name for himself on the web? Whether or not you like the podcast, is it warranted for you to literally go puke over him? Do you even know him? Do you realize the guide's creator referred to his NAME, which he liked, not his work? No, probably not, because your view of the world is so clouded you only can see in negatives.

    Anyway, nice guide. Considering the amount "dkdenmarkdk" there are, I guess a lot of people can use some imagination. I always know the name right when I'm finished creating my toon, I never really have to think about it.

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    Yeah I went with a theme too, my first toon on Khaz was Dreadbringer then along came BC and I had planned on rolling a Belf lock as a lock was my first toon on my old server and much to my surprise dreadlock was available (love seeing other locks with different spellings on my server) Had a hunter but didnt want him associated with the others but had his name changed to dreadjäger jäger being German for hunter, then dreadshifter although dreadybear would have been better, fatherdread kinda sounds like father ted, pally just got called dready as thats what my guild called me, DK fallendread, rogue dreadstabber and my goblin shammy is Everdready like the brand of battery

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    How about pet names?

    Perhaps you should consider adding a section on pet names?
    It seems every hunter who has a wolf uses something like "Fang" and half the bear pets have to have the name of "Grizzly", ditto with "Fluffy" for cats. Then there are the comedians, I wish I had a dollar for every hunter that I've seen with a monkey called spank, spanks, spanky etc. Ok, it kind of got a few chuckles the first time, but after the tenth time you've group with a hunter spamming "Spanks the Monkey" emotes during battle, it gets a little old.

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    Another tip, keep your name short, the shorter the name, the more likely people will remember you.

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    my rogue was originally a Gnome. Im a fan of Bruce Lee. To both go along with a popular Bruce Lee tactic, the fact that hes a ninja, and the fact that gnomes are short and rogues are lethal. I chose...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baz View Post
    this should have won a legit prize. "Mariah -> Dariah. Denis -> oh wait" made me laugh unbelievably hard.
    Hey, glad you liked it. [Oh, and rest assured - for the legit prize - it's sorted: I'm talking backstage with Boubouille about an Aston Martin, but we still disagree on the color, so it looks like I'm going to have to wait for a bit.]

    Again, thank you guys for the warm feedback and the names you've added. Keep 'em coming!

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