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    Magmaw 25 Normal

    Just took my guild of casuals to Magmaw today and we put 3 good hours of attempts on him, our best try we put him at 52%.
    Had a few questions for the more experienced raiders here (25men please):

    - Should we leave the melee dps on Magmaw or are they supposed to help killing the parasites?
    - Pillars and Parasites poped every 30s or so. By the time the second pillar pops we still have 2-3 parasistes still alive and when dps die we start to be overwhelmed with them. I ponder if my DPS dish out enough damage? I thought we were supposed to clear the pack of parasites before the next wave pops. (Our dps range from 11k to 8k with an aevrage 9k I'd say).
    - Are you supposed to kill the paraistes or just kite them?

    Tanking seems fine as we rotate our 2 tanks after the Mangle.

    Thanks guys!

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    Easiest way of doing this boss is the following method, this will increase healing needed and decrease movement screw ups with parasites.
    Everyone on the melee range and literally in melee range if they stand too far out they'll be targeted and you'll get parasites near melee.

    Pick a single ranged or a few to stay at ranged grouped up (hunters, frost mage etc) Basically classes that control most of them and slow them.
    You'll need a lot of high (AoE preferably) dps and slows are mandatory.
    You don't want melee in their range, as the agro can easly shift and then you got more adds to worry about, i've seen methods of actualy kiting the adds but never on 25 man, might be possibe might not be beter to just kill them.
    Looking at your numbers and looking at our weekly Magmaw kill we only have 2 in at 10-11K dps, everyone else ranges from 14K to our demo locks (AoE'ers) at 20K on this fight.

    If this is your first raid attempt in cataclysm, you are much easier off on Omnotrons and Halfus as starters on 25 man. Trons especially a much easier target.

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    I think an important question would be why is your DPS dying? Do you have any logs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    I think an important question would be why is your DPS dying? Do you have any logs?
    Probably due to parasites infecting them, as there are some they can't get down..

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    What we do is basically spread the ranged out around the room, with 2 raid markers up about 20 yards away from each other. The melee is hitting Magmaw full time. When it's time for the lava pillar, the ranged all stack up on one of the two markers, and AoE them down as quick as possible. Having a boomkin druid helps, as well as a shaman, for pushbacks and slows. Having a hunter shoot out a frost trap is pretty good, too. This should buy the ranged enough time to dps down all of the parasites. If we have one get loose and infect somebody, that person runs out of the group, where the offtank/other tank taunts, allowing the ranged enough time to kill it.

    It's more about control than about anything else.

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    Bring along 1 or 2 Frost DKs if your range AOE dps isnt good enough, have Mages put down CoF, Hunters should put down Frost Traps, and everyone just AOE everything down when parasites spawn, other than that it should be a pretty straightforward fight

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