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    Exclamation "Guild Achievements Rule" detailed questions! please help!

    i'm aware of the rules for 5man guild achievements that 4 or 5 party members from guild can make it a happen. BUT

    here is the question:

    what kinda 4 guild members?
    1. what lvl?
    i tried 5 guild member the instance(normal), but didn't get the guild achievements. i think it's because there are higher lvl ppl already "locked" for the instance.
    2. did he/she already first run the instance?
    same encounter, maybe it's because, only the first time is counted??? if anyone know or can give me a link or something. i'd appreciated so much!!!

    and is it the exact same rule for 10man normal and hero?

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    I believe it doesn't matter who is inside the instance in regards to level, however you are right about having 4 out of 5 in the party from guild (note: they have to be zoned inside the instance for the game to flag/detect it as a 'guild' group).

    The guild achievements also don't seem to care about what bosses are killed except the last boss, or whichever meets the criteria.

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