Thread: Warcraft 4?

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    Warcraft 4?

    Do you ever think there is a chance Blizzard would make it?

    I know there is probably no way they would ever do that.. but one can only hope

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    Well... it's not impossible. But as long as WoW introduces new content, it seems unlikely since they're likely to keep story progression in WoW. After WoW reaches its end, then we might see a Warcraft game. Then again, they might just retire the game line. Who knows? And then again, they could easily make "prequels" if they wanted to.

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    I'd like to think we're not done with the Warcraft franchise. WoW tells the story well enough (I guess, I don't actually read the quests), but its not the same.

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    i would love WC4

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    Well WC4 could be the lore storyline progression between expansion content. I mean technically it could be like The Shattering is to cataclysm that is between Wrath and cata and explains how certain things are the way they are..Thats just my 2 cents though o.o

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    WoW is a continuing after WC3, so it doesn't make sense for a 4th one, especially since they are adding 'What happened in between' content into WoW via CoT.
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    Ya they will either do the content that we are now doing.
    Do stuff before or in between warcraft(s).
    Wait untill the stop updating wow and continue 4 from where we left off.
    Stop warcraft since they still have starcraft as a rts.
    I don't know. Something.

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