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    Atramedes Guide (10 man)

    Atramedes is a "Blind Dragon" so, for this fight, you have a special mechanic that shows up on your UI, in the Middle-Lower section of your screen that is known as a "Sound Meter". The whole fight revolves around this meter. If your meter reaches 100% (Fills up from the center to full with blue) then Atramedes will target you and instantly kill you with fireballs. **Your Sound Meter fills up anytime your character takes damage in the fight**

    Raid Composition:
    Tanks: 1
    Healers: 3
    DPS: 6

    Sonic Breath: The sonic Flame inflicts 19,500 to 20,500 Fire damage to enemies in its path and causes them to be heard. Unlimited Range. Instant.
    Searing Flame: The Flame inflicts 14,814 to 15,185 Fire damage every 1 second and increases Fire damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds. Unlimited Range. Instant.
    Modulation: The Blind Dragon begins to Modulate, increasing the Sound of all enemies by 7 and inflicting 39,000 to 41,000 Shadow damage. Unlimited Range. Instant.
    Sonar Pulse: The Sonar Pulse has detected an enemy, allowing the Blind Dragon to more easily find them! Unlimited Range. Instant.
    Sonar Bomb: The Sonar Bomb inflicts 20,000 Arcane damage to enemies within 6 yards and allows Atramedes to hear the targets more easily! Unlimited Range. Instant.
    Sonic Fireball: Inflicts 29,250 to 30,750 Fire damage to enemies within 50,000 yards of the target. Unlimited Range. Instant.
    Roaring Flame: The Reverberating Flames inflicts 14,625 to 15,375 Fire damage and an additional 7,800 to 8,200 Fire damage every 1 second for 4 seconds. Additionally the Reverberating Flames increase the chance you will be heard! Unlimited Range. Instant.

    The pull is pretty simple, you want to have the tank pull the boss in the spot between where Atramedes is located at and the middle of the room (Facing away from middle). The ranged DPS and Healers will be in an arch formation behind the Dragon, through the room, and the DPS will be on the Side or Back of the boss (NOTE: There is no Tail Swipe).

    Phase 1:
    In phase one, have the tank remain where he pulled the boss, and the dps continuing DPSing. During Phase one, Atramedes will be casting Sonar Bomb which look like these “Sonic Discs” that will fly through the room and deal damage on anyone within 6 yards of them, just simply move away from them as soon as possible (They can spawn on top of people). Also, Atramedes will be doing a breath attack called Sonic Breath, this ability targets someone random in the raid and then sweeps left or right from that person, causing cone damage on the raid. You have to be ready to move and avoid this as soon as it occurs. The last thing that Atramedes will do in phase one, is an ability called Searing Flame. Searing Flame is an ability that is channeled by the boss, causing massive AoE damage on the raid, and must be interrupted, but the only way to interrupt it is to use 1 of 8 gongs around the room. This is the main factor of the fight, the gongs. When a player right-click’s the gong, it silences Atramedes, and resets our Sound Meter. After a gong is used, Atramedes will melt it and is not usable the rest of the fight. If the raid runs out of gongs, it will be a wipe.
    **We will most likely have one ranged set to trigger the gongs when required in the fight, possibly a mage, or another ranged with self-survivability abilities.**

    Phase 2:
    Phase two begins when Atramedes lifts off into the sky, and begins causing a large number of Sonic Discs to spawn throughout the raid. Atramedes will also begin to shoot Sonic Fireballs into the discs, causing massive damage to anyone that is in the disc. The last thing that Atramedes will do is cast a flame on the ground that will follow someone, and speed up over time while chasing that person (Just like the Anub’arak Underground Spikes). You must kite these as well as possible, for as long as possible and do NOT get hit. After a certain amount of time, the beam will change targets to someone else in the raid and begin to chase them. The flame can be interrupted by using the Gong, which will reset the flame’s speed, and also reset everyone’s Sound Meter’s. After Atramedes is finished channeling the Flame on the ground, she will land on the ground and will repeat Phase one.

    Things of Concern:
    It is imperative that you communicate in this raid if your Sound Meter begins filling up. No one can die to the Sound Meter while fighting Atramedes.
    In phase one, make sure people are prepared to move left or right to avoid the flame breath cone **If you are closer in, it will be easier to avoid but you will have less time to react to the Sonic Discs…If you are further out, it is Vise Versa (Be in a balance ranged)**
    In phase two, remember to use Blink + Speed, Holy Radiance (Holy Paladins), Priests Shields, anything that does a movement speed increase and helps the person get away from the Flame Beam.

    YOUTUBE LINK:Wipe-A-Thon 3000

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