Maloriak has a pretty unique battle. He will use three different color vials throughout the fight. He has a blue, red, and a green vial, which activate a different ability for each. Maloriak also will summon adds and use an Arcane storm, always be prepared to either interrupt or not interrupt these abilities. Also, one of the two abilities he has will summon adds. The boss fight has a total of 20 adds, 18 of them are Adherents. It is mandatory that the Off tank picks up these adds. With two "Phase 1's" there will be 9 adds per phase.

Raid Composition:
Tanks: 2 (maybe 3)
Healers: 3
DPS: 5 (maybe 4)

Arcane Storm: Deals 14,137 to 15,862 Arcane damage per second to all enemies within 80 yards. Lasts 6 seconds. Channeled.
Biting Chill: Surround a random player target with a ring of frost which deals 5,000 Frost damage to the target and any friends of the target within 3 yards. Lasts 10 seconds. 10 yard range. Instant cast.
Flash Freeze: Causes an area around a random target to become suddenly freezing cold, dealing 70,687 to 79,312 Frost damage to all targets within 5 yards of the target and encasing them in solid ice for 30 seconds. When the ice is broken, the targets are released but the breaking ice deals an additional 56,550 to 63,450 Frost damage to all targets 5 yards around that target, breaking all ice in that area as well. Unlimited range. Instant cast.
Remedy: Heals the caster for 25,000 health and generates 2,000 mana per second. The amount healed by this effect increases by 25,000 per second. Lasts 10 seconds. Instant cast.
Scorching Blast: Deals 500,000 Fire damage, split among all targets in a cone up to 60 yards in front of the caster. Instant cast.
Magma Jets: Releases a stream of small fire fissures towards a random enemy. These fissures deal 38,000 to 42,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 3 yards. In addition, the fissures leave behind a persistent burning effect which deals 18,850 to 21,150 Fire damage to all nearby enemies. Instant.

Phase 1:
Have the tank pull Maloriak and keep him pretty much exactly where he is, but make sure that Maloriak is facing the raid. DPS will be behind Maloriak, and the ranged will be spread out throughout the room. In phase one, Maloriak has two active abilities, and then can use two of three colored vials. One of the abilities that she uses is Arcane Storm, this ability causes non-avoidable AoE damage but is interrupt-able, make sure we interrupt this with one dedicated interrupter during the fight. The second ability Maloriak uses is a Summoning ability. This ability causes three Adherents to spawn, and the off tank will pick them. These adds have a buff that will share with each other if they are next to each other (including the tank) and will increase their damage done, and the damage reduction on them. The order of interrupting the summoning ability is to interrupt the first one then let the other three summoning casts go through.
In phase one. Maloriak will use either a Red or a Blue Vial first. The Red Vial grants Maloriak an ability called Scorching Blast that is a Frontal Cone ability that he will use that will cause massive damage to the tank. The way to avoid this is for everyone to stack up on the main tank (excluding the Off tank with adds) and split the fire damage between the raid. The Blue Vial has a completely opposite effect. If Maloriak uses a Blue Vial, he gets an ability called Flash Freeze. This will target one person in the raid, and freeze them. This ice block is like the ones in Sindragosa, It must be DPS'd down and shattered. You want range to DPS the ice blocks down though, because when the Ice block breaks, it causes AoE Damage to anyone standing near it. So make sure you are spread out if it is a Blue Vial. (NOTE: When Maloriak uses a Vial, the order will be Like so, Blue > Red > Phase 2 > Red > Blue. Or Red > Blue > Phase 2 > Blue > Red)

Phase 2:
Phase two begins whenever Maloriak has used two Vials, and will being when he has thrown a Green Vial into the Cauldron. Phase two is a very short phase that puts a debuff on all raid members and the Adherents, causing us to take 100% more damage, and deal 100% more damage. This is when we have approximately 5 seconds to kill all of the adds (AoE) and return to the boss to continue DPSing, repeating Phase one.

Phase 1 & 2 Repeat

Phase 3:
Phase three will occur when Maloriak hits 20% health. When he reaches 20% hp, the remaining of the adds will be released and he will soft enrage. The goal at this point in time is to have all 18 Adherents down and then have the offtank pick up the other two mobs. These two adds are unkillable, and it is a rush to kill the boss before you wipe. Maloriak also gains one new ability when phase three begins. The ability is a simple fire that will spawn from under him, and grow in a straight line outwards. Maloriak will also throw these little crystals on the ground and will remain there, make sure you do not run into them, or it will cause high damage and wipe the raid. (they are like landmines) simply get out of it and WIN!.

Things of Concern:
During the fight, Maloriak will cast an ability called Remedy. This heals for an extremely large amount and should be instantly spellstolen or dispell it right away.

YOUTUBE LINK:Wipe-A-Thon 3000 Video (Cynical Brit)