Hello, dear forum people! I am here to explain to YOU the tactics and skill needed to be a true Major City AFKer.

Step 1: First things first.
Before you even attempt on doing this, you need to be mentally prepared. Start by standing in your living room in the coolest position you can think of. Stand still like that until you can't take it anymore or until someone notices you and admires your coolness. Keep doing this until you feel self-confident enough to AFK in a major city!

Step 2: Being Bad-Ass
So, when you're ready to AFK, head to your major city of choice. The best choices are: Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff for the Horde and Stormwind and Ironforge for the Alliance. You might wonder: Hey, why can't i go to Undercity or Darnassus? Well, that's a mistake most beginners make.
The problem with these cities is that they do not contain a high amount of players. You need to stand where EVERYONE can see you, wich would be Orgrimmar and Stormwind at the moment.

Step 3: Party Harder.
Good, now that you've possisioned yourself in the city, make sure you look as cool as possible. Many things are usefull here. Here are a few examples you can use: Deviate fish to look like a pirate or a ninja (Awesomely cool) , Huge and epic "Hard" to obtain mounts from easy WotLK heroics and raids (They might be easy to get, but noobs do not know this!), any kind of TCG item you bought for massive amounts of cash online (Just to show them your wealth and/or skill at the game, although theres no skill involved in buying from ebay or getting lucky.) and finally, use massive amounts of fun items to show your presence in town. Example: You could use the Valentines Day Picnic and a Picnic Basket from TCG to make a huge picnic set, and this combined with a banner of your city you got from the Argent Tournament. Combine this with the Archmage Vargoth's staff and the TCG statue pedestal for maximum awesomeness.

Step 4: Last but not least.
Make sure everyone knows your name on the server. Make sure the whole server knows you're chillin' out, maxin' , relaxin' all cool. And make sure you dont get addicted to it. Because, if you do get addicted, you might never be able to do dailies and raiding again.

THE END. (Written by Khalimba, on the MMO-Champion forums. Excuse my spelling, I'm a Belgian Scholar )