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    Chimaeron Guide (10 man)

    This boss is a unique boss in that, no one in the raid is able to die, unless their health ever reaches a value below 10,000 health. So, if all members are kept above 10,000 health, then on one will ever die. Chimaeron has three phases, the third being a burning phase, using all cooldowns then. Phase one is a simple tank and spank, staying spread out in the raid and instantly healing anyone that goes below 10,00 health. Phase two, the ability to not die is removed and the raid must group up on top of each other, to prevent being one shot.

    Raid Composition:
    Tanks: 2
    Healers: 2
    DPS: 6

    Finkle's Mixture: Damage taken while above 10,000 health cannot reduce your health below 1. Unlimited range. Instant.
    Massacre: Inflicts maximum damage to all enemy players. 4 second cast.
    Caustic Slime: Deals 150,000 Nature damage and briefly reduces chance to hit for all enemies in an area. Damage is split between all enemies within 6 yards of the impact crater. Unlimited range. Instant.
    Feud: Chimaeron is unable to perform melee attacks while his heads are fighting each other. Channeled.
    Double Attack: Chimaeron will strike twice on his next attack. Unlimited range. Instant.
    Break: Chimaeron attacks viciously, breaking through his target's defenses. Increasing Physical damage taken by 25% and reduces healing done by 15% for 1 minute. Stacks. Unlimited range. Instant.
    Mortality: (On Raid) Reduces healing effects for all enemies by 99%. Unlimited range. Instant. (On Self) Chimaeron goes into a rage, rendering him immune to Taunt effects but increasing the damage he takes by 10%. Instant.

    When you enter Chimaeron's room, you will find him sleeping on the ground. To pull Chimaeron, simply attack him. But before pulling Chimaeron, you want to go behind him (No aggro range) and talk to Finkle Einhorn, who is locked in a cage. He will deploy his robot called "Bile-O-Tron" that will give everyone in the raid the buff "Finkle's Mixture". Once you have that buff, you are good to go to pull.
    After you have talked to Finkle, you want the tank to engage Chimaeron where he is standing, have the Melee DPS spread out behind Chimaeron, and then the Ranged DPS and Healers to spread out throughout the room.

    Phase 1:
    After engaging Chimaeron, he will begin to use an ability called "Caustic Slime" This ability will target one person in the raid and deal 150k damage to that person. The person targeted will not die though, and simply go to 1 health, and must be instantly healed to over 10,000 to prevent dieing because of the buff that Finkle's Bot gives us. Caustic Slime also puts a debuff on you that causes you to miss 75% of the time for about three seconds. (NOTE: This is why we do not group up during the entire fight) Every now and then also, during phase one, Chimaeron will use an emote saying "Chimaeron prepares to massacre his foes!" and will cast Massacre. This ability will hit the whole raid, and bring everyone down to one health (Similar to Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan). Everyone must be instantly healed up above 10k health to prevent deaths. Also Chimaeron will use an ability called Double Attack, which allows him to simply attack the Main Tank with two attacks, which will make the tank's health drop significantly. The last ability Chimaeron will use during Phase one is called Break. This ability will go on the tank currently tanking Chimaeron, causing him to take 25% more damage and to take 15% less healing from all healing abilities. Once Break is at a two or three stack, the Off tank will taunt Chimaeron and will keep him until the Main Tank's debuffs have fallen off.

    Phase 2:
    Phase two begins when Chimaeron uses Feud. At the same time, the Bile-O-Tron will go offline, making you vulnerable to being one shot. As soon as you see Chimaeron use Feud, everyone must group up on the main tank and be prepared to heal massive AoE damage from Caustic Slime, which in general should not be that significant since it is split within the whole raid. (NOTE: This is a survivability phase, do not be concerned with DPS at all costs, since we mainly will be missing 75% of the time with Caustic Slime) Continue to stay grouped up until Feud ends, and the Bile-O-Tron comes back online, then resume the positions in the raid. Repeating Phase one.

    Phase 3:
    Phase three is a soft enrage on the boss. When Chimaeron reaches 20% health, he will put a debuff on everyone in the raid that is called "Mortality" which simply reduces all healing done by 99% for everyone. At this point, healing is completely useless and everyone must being DPSing Chimaeron before the raid wipes. Chimaeron will also take 10% more damage and be immune to Taunt effects. It is important for everyone to not pull aggro, and to blow ALL cooldowns at this point in the fight, to get him down ASAP.

    Phase 3 HEALERS:
    Healers, this is where you may want a customized build for the fight. Since there are only two healers, you want a strong healing build, but also, do not want to be completely useless in being able to deal no damage during Phase three's soft enrage.

    YOUTUBE LINK:How To: Chimaeron - Blackwing Decent (10) with WoWLolWut
    ABILITIES LINK:MMOChampion Ability List

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