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    Post Glory of the cataclysm hero

    I will assume that you know all of the basic mechanics of the fight done in the normal way, so the only thing I add is the stuff needed for achievment on every boss.
    The difficult ratings are not based on the encounter but how much harder the encounter gets while doing the achievment. So for example a fight that is really hard normaly but the achievment requires you to do a /kiss on the boss would be rated a Easy (1) and a fight that is normaly simple but gets much harder with achievment will get higher ratings.


    6x Achievments:
    Ready for raiding
    Rat Pack
    Prototype Prodigy
    It's frost damage
    I'm on a diet
    Vigirous Vancleef Vindicator


    Ready for Raiding
    Difficulty: Easy (1)
    "Do not get hit by Fire Wall in the Glubtok encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty".

    This is exactly as easy as it may sound, when the boss goes into phase 2 he will put himself in the middle of the room and spawn a fire wall that slowly spins around the room while you kill the boss, just move away from this and you should be fine.

    This achievment is not group wide, so you do not have to rely on your friends/pug people

    Tips and tricks: You will see where the line of fire will spawn a second or two before it actually start moving, this is the time you have to adjust.

    Lumbering Oaf

    Rat Pack
    Difficulty: Easy (1)
    "Kill 20 Mine Rats during the Helix Gearbreaker encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty."

    Every time Lumbering Oaf picks a random member of the group and charges him in to the pile of lumber a few rats will spawn under them. Have a assigned group member standing next to them ready to throw a AOE like thunderstorm/concecration/arcane explosion etc and repeat this for as many times you need to complete the achievment.

    This achievment does not reset every try, so you can kill this boss many times killing the rats a few at a time if you want.

    Foe Reaper 5000

    Prototype Prodigy
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Keep the Prototype Reaper from falling below 90% health during the Foe Reaper 5000 encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty".

    This achievment is a little bit buggy at the moment, if the Reaper falls below 100% at any time of someone using it (even during trash) the achievment will fail. So we just did not use it for trash and ran up and got him after before we pulled boss.

    We pulled the boss further up the ramp then we normaly did just to be safe for the different charges the Foe Reaper does. After that we just killed him as you normaly would do, but with some extra safety on allways staying at range from the boss.

    As long as the Reaper only tanks the fire adds he will not take 1 single point of dmg and you will get the achievment.

    This achievment is currently a big bugged, so you can't do the encounter again if it takes damage, then you just have to go another time.

    Tips and tricks: We actually had our tank dying and we wiped at our first try. What we did then was that our Reaper player just left the vehicle asap before the boss aggroed him, and the reaper just runs back up without taking any dmg from the boss. This meant we coul kill him anyway.

    Admiral Ripsnarl

    It's Frost Damage
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Allow three Freezing Vapors to cast Coalesce during the Admiral Ripsnarl encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty".

    This Achievment is almost impossible to do without dying, so live with a wipe and it is really easy to get.

    For this achievment you just have to let the adds spawning in phase 2 grow and finaly do a cast called Coalesce that will hit everyone in Line of Sight for alot of frost dmg.

    Since they changed the mechanics you just cant line of sight the aoe anymore, so just let them grow and die, still pop cooldowns on people so you stay alive untill 3 are cast and you will get the achievment.

    As you might understand, you dont need to kill the boss to get the achievment.

    "Captain" Cookie

    I'm on a Diet
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Do not gain more than one stack of Nauseated during the Cookie encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty".

    This Achievment means that you only can eat the good food, ie. none of the rotten things.
    This means that the longer the fight takes the more aoe damage from the rotten food.
    So with proper dps and a bit of good movement this is easily doable with a group of decent geared players.

    Vanessa VanCleef

    Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator
    Difficulty: Hard (4)
    "Engage Vanessa VanCleef within 5 minutes of being inflicted with the Nightmare Elixir".

    This is by far the hardest Achievment in Deadmines, it requires you to do the whole event started Vanessa and engage her within 5 minutes. This is a very tight time with the gear that most people out there has at the moment.

    First room, spam vents to get released from the cauldron, run on the left side of the ramp before you see fires (the will be on the right side in the start) so that you dont take dmg. Jump of the ramp to the right down on the floor and get to the Ogre ASAP, you are not supposed to take any dmg here so hunter aura works perfect. Kill the ogre and then kill Helix that spawns (ignore the spider, offtank them they will despawn after helix is down)

    Move into the next room that is full of spinning lazerbeams, you can take max 1 tick of thoose and you are likely to die of you touch them. So DONT. We found a safespot about half into the room and then we had a paladin with bubble who ran and pulled the Foe Reaver op to safe spot. This gave us a bit less time running since the last part is a bit trixy.

    When the boss dies the lazers despawn, quickly move to the docks. In this room you need to free 3 members of a family from packs of 3 mobs and at the end admiral ripsnarl. What you do here is that you just blast the adds with as much dmg as possible, get them down asap and then move to the next one right away. When dpsing ripsnarl we had our healer run up and stand in front of the hut where vanessa will spawn and waited for the dps to kill the mob. This saved us a few seconds with the pull and gave us the achievment even tho we had a death in the lazerbeamroom.

    The Stonecore

    1x Achievments:
    Rotten to the Core

    High Priestess Azil

    Ready for Raiding
    Difficulty: Easy (1)
    "Defeat 60 Disciples within 10 seconds during the High Priestess Azil encounter in the Stonecore on Heroic Difficulty".

    Many people think that you need to use the adds in the fight and forgets that it actually stands EXACTLY 60 mobs in front of her altar when you get there. What you do is that you have your tank run in with a few cooldowns pull all the adds, a ranged pulls the boss (she will do some RP but you will get in combat with her) during this time you just simply kill the 60 adds and get the achievment before killing the boss.

    Just make sure that you aggro the boss before you kill the adds.

    Lost City of the Tol'vir

    4x Achievments:
    Kill it with fire
    Acrocalypse Now
    Headed South


    Acrocalypse Now
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat 20 Frenzied Crocolisks within 10 seconds during the Lockmaw encounter in the Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty".

    You dont need to kill the boss for this Achievment, but you will need some decent kiting and a good healer to make this.

    Someone in the group will get marked, and this means that adds will spawn with threat on this person from the start. Its not endless threat but at least a decent ammount (you can for example taunt them away). Lockmaw hits pretty hard so keeping damage as low as possible is crucial. Use all slows you group might have and just kite the adds round in it. After a while mark will swap target and someone else needs to kite next pack. Make sure you get 20 crocs and then NUKE them all down with aoe, we used a mage frost thingy to keep them all in place during the nuke, really helped.

    High Prophet Barim

    Kill it with Fire
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Defeat 3 Burning Souls during the High Prophet Barim encounter in Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty".

    When the High Prophet goes into phase 2 there will spawn burning souls from random people in the group. This adds will try getting to the Dark Hatchling, they dont move very fast and what you simply have to do is to make the mobs run through the fire on the ground when they try to get to her. Some dps on the burning souls is nice since the dmg doesnt do THAT much dmg. We took them down to about 15% and let the fire do the rest.

    This achievment has a bug where it doesnt reset between fights, so if you plan to do this before blizzard hotfixes you can just do it on different trys making it even easier.

    Siamat, Lord of the South Wind

    Headed South
    Difficulty: Hard (5) (Hardest achievment)
    "Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge in Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty".

    The hard part of this Achievment is the mix of really intensive healing in the end, together with the DPS requirement. It is also abit random and might even be a bit bugged, I get to that later.

    The concept is that when the melee mobs die they will give anyone in melee range a debuff, the debuff increases dmg done by 10% and dmg taken by 33%. This debuff has a duration of 30 seconds
    and will stack up to three times. Since Siamat has a shield up untill you killed 2 or sometimes 3 melee mobs (this is the bugged part, we had him drop shield on 2 mobs a few times but most of the times
    after 3 mobs), you have to offtank them untill you have all three mobs spawned. Your ranged should be really fast on killing the ranged mobs so that your group takes as little dmg as possible.

    When you decide to kill the mobs everyone gather up, the tank could have taken the first kill add down to about 15% making the process short. Everyone gets debuff and moves out of melee asap. It is very
    important that the spells cast by melee mobs are interrupted when every one is gathered aswell. About 10 seconds later when healer is back on track with healing you gather and kill the second add. If you are lucky
    now he will drop the shield on the second mob, this will let you dps the boss for about 15 seconds before gathering up again and kill the last add to get the last stack of the debuff and also reseting its timer giving you about 45 seconds to dps him. We didnt have that luck and managed to kill him with about 3-4 seconds spare time with 3 people above 15k dps and tank above 5k. Bloodlust/hero/time warp is pretty much needed at the current gear level and you need to have some luck with the throwing around he does in the start of p2. Dont expect this to go down on the first try.

    Tips and Tricks: Do a countdown in the pull, where everyone precasts their biggest spell, with this method we managed to get him down to about 82% even before the shield. You should also let the dps nuke through the shield whenever there is no ranged mob up, we had him @ about 70% while going into p2 when we killed him.

    Shadowfang Keep

    3x Achievments:
    Pardon Denied
    To the Ground!
    Bullet Time!
    Baron Ashbury
    Pardon Denied
    Difficulty: Easy (1)
    "Defeat Baron Ashbury without letting him heal with Stay of Execution in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty".

    This achievment requires you do interrupt the heal spell Baron casts right after he brings everyone down to 1HP.
    Stay on your toes with interrupting and burn him down to archangel phase when he stops doing it. Other then that it is just as the normal fight.

    Commander Springvale

    To the Ground!
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat Commander Springvale without allowing him to receive Unholy Empowerment in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty".

    This achievment is only hard because it is a quite hard boss. If you only have one proper interrupter it will be hard aswell.
    Just proceed with the boss as you normaly would, we decided to just kill of the two first adds aswell to make the margin for error smaller. We had two interrupters DK and Shammy and we simply
    assigned them to different mobs in each wave. Their only job is to interrupt Unholy Empoverment before its cast. Rest of the fight is just as normal!

    Lord Godfrey

    Bullet Time!
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat 12 Bloodthirsty Ghouls with Pistol Barrage and then defeat Lord Godfrey in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty".

    The important stuff on this boss it to have a good interrupter on the Cursed bullet, it can really wear down a group if not handled correctly. Other then that we just had the tank draging the gouls
    into the pistol barrage (the cone attack he does at a random player) and repeated this untill we got 12 of them. It seems to be abit dodgy if they die or not from the dmg because on our first try
    they just refused to take damage and on the second try with the exact same tactic they died easily.

    Tips and tricks: If you have a good group that is good with reactions you can simply stack the whole group behind the tank to make sure the pistol barrage comes in the right direction. This will ofc
    require all dps and the healer to be fast with moving when the attack comes.

    Grim Batol

    2x Achievments:
    Umbrage for Umbriss
    Don't Need to Brake Eggs to Have an Omelet

    General Umbriss

    Umbrage for Umbriss
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Defeat General Umbriss while he is affected with Modgud's Malice in Grim Batol on Heroic difficulty".

    This is also a very easy achievment if you know how to do it, I have seen alot of people trying to time it right just by letting the add do his thing. What most people don't know is that if you let CC
    the purple add (sheep/fear/other) it wont spawn anymore. And you just keep him CCed untill you reach maybe 5-6% on the boss and stop dps there. Let the add come out, asap when he buffs the boss
    with the buff you pop cooldowns on tank and burn the last % down. Cant really fail if you normaly kill the boss, its probably even get easier if you normaly would have killed the purple adds.


    Don't need to brake eggs to have an omelet
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat Erudax without letting a Faceless Corruptor begin to cast Twilight Corruption on any of Alexstraza's Eggs in Grim Batol on Heroic difficulty".

    This means that you have to kill the two Faceless mobs that spawn before they reach the eggs and start channel. We did it by splitting our best dps together with the tank and the two other dps on the other side.
    It is also very important that you use some kind of slows on them, they are immune to stuns but all sort of slowing works. Ideal is a hunter trap already down when they spawn, but pretty much anything works if you just have decent dps.

    Other then that the fight is just as usual.

    Halls of Origination

    4x Achievments:
    I hate that Song
    Straw that broke the Camel's back
    Sun of a...
    Faster then the speed of light

    Temple Guardian Anhuur

    Umbrage for Umbriss
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Defeat Temple Guardian Anhuur without allowing him to sing Reverberating Hymn for more than 15 seconds in Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty".

    Assign your dps and healer into two groups, one for each lever. As soon as he casts the Hymn you jump down on your respective side, one of the assigned persons one each side take aggro from the snakes and the other one just click the lever ASAP. When you are done, just run up and aoe the snakes on the platform. After doing this twice you will get the achi when the boss dies.

    Earthrager Ptah

    Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
    Difficulty: Easy (1)
    "Defeat Earthrager Ptah while mounted on a camel in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty".

    Just before the boss area you can find yourself a Camel, mount up on this and move on to the boss. You can run while casting on this camels so you can actually just keep moving to be less likely to fail at moving from the impale spikes.

    So the boss will randomly on targeted people spawn a spike in the ground that will impale the camel and kill it. If your camel die you cannot mount another one. And you cant release your camel for someone else, it will depspawn. When phase two comes the boss burys in the ground and there will be a "earthquake like" thing on the ground called quick sand. This will also kill your camel, so stay out of that, it is super simple.

    Vault of Lights

    Faster then the speed of light
    Difficulty: Hard (4)
    "Complete the Vault of Lights within 5 minutes of entering in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty".

    This achievment requires you to complete all 4 of the elemental bosses in the Vault of Lights and engage the boss within 5 minutes. To the add kill time you also have to add about 30 seconds of RP. What we did was to just trying to dodge the troggs as much as possible, and the ones we pulled we just took with us to the miniboss. We also started to move the minibosses around 50% hp and dragged them over to the next side while DPSing to cut down on travel time between platforms. We got the achievment with about 20 seconds with healer dying on third platform but luckily had a combat ress by the tank which saved the race.


    Sun of a....
    Difficulty: Hard (5) Second hardest Achievment
    "Defeat Rajh before he completes an entire recharging phase in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty".

    Very tight dps-wise but not a hard fight other then that. He will do a few different abilities, all of them costs his focus. When his focus reaches 0 he will start to cast Recharge, the recharge is 20 seconds and he will take 100% increased dmg during this phase. You HAVE to interrupt ALL of his casts if you wanna have a chance to make this. If you interrupt the cast you will stop him from using the focus that attack normaly would cost.

    We just dpsed as mad men, and also dragged him to the far right side of the room because he then walks to the middle for recharge phase giving you about 4-5-6 more seconds of dps time. We interrupted all his casts and popped Bloodlust @ ~30 focus and just burned him down. We had quite a few try's where he simply didnt cast enough and just used instants giving us nowhere near enough time to kill him. The last try he did 3 Casts and that was enough.

    Vortex Pinnacle

    2x Achievments:
    Extra Credit Bonus Stage
    No Static at All

    All Instance

    Extra credit bonus stage
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Collect 5 Golden Orbs in a single visit to the Vortex Pinnacle on Heroic difficulty".

    Your group simply needs to get 5 orbs collected before you kill the last boss.
    We took the following ones:

    2x The bridge where those aoe orbs are, one on each side. The right one is just to jump out and the left one is easy to get with sprint (you are supposed to use the orbs on the bridge bumping you, but no need).
    2x On the second boss, use the whirlwinds to get up in the air and click them, you get the hang of how they work pretty fast, just do it while you kill the boss (pref ranged dps)
    2x On the spiral ramp after second boss, really easy to get, just run up and jump down taking them in the air.


    No Static at All
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Completely avoid the Static Cling effect during the Asaad encounter in the Vortex Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty".

    SUPER easy if you have a priest in the group, just put levitate on people and the wont get it. If you dont have a priest you just have to jump about 1/3 into the cast of his Static Cling. If you do this you wont get the debuff and achi inc.

    Throne of the Tides

    2x Achievments:
    Old Faithful
    Prince of Tides

    Lady Naz'jar

    Old Faithful
    Difficulty: Easy (2)
    "Get Lady Naz'jar to kill one of her minions with her Geyser ability in Throne of the Tides on Heroic difficulty".

    Get the boss into phase two, let your tank pick the melee mob and CC / kill the casters on each side. Kill the add to about 10-20% hp and have everyone stack up on the mob, when the geyser animation comes under the mob just have your group run out with tank standing just outside with the mob in it and it should die. After this just kill the boss normaly.


    Prince of Tides
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat an Unyielding Behemoth while you have the Tidal Surge effect during the Ozumat encounter in Throne of the Tides on Heroic difficulty".

    There will only spawn one Unyielding Behemoth in the fight, so make sure you don't kill the first one expecting to get another one (yes we did). Just have your tank offtank it while killing of the waves spawning. When he starts spitting that dark cloud and spawns the three mobs around him we had our tank kite the adds that spawned and just popped bloodlust to make this phase short. As soon as we got the buff we just killed the behemoth, they die superfast when people have the buff, after that we killed the boss normaly.

    If your tank is bad geared is might be a lot of dmg going in, thats why it got a 3, the mechanics is really simple.

    Blackrock Caverns

    4x Achievments:
    Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
    Arrested Development
    To Hot to Handle
    Ascendant Descending

    Rom'ogg Bonecrusher

    Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat Rom'ogg Bonecrusher after using his Skullcracker ability to kill 10 Angered Earth elementals in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty".

    The earthquake ability will spawn 5x adds every time, one from ech player, have your tank pick them up and offtank them untill he casts chains of woe.
    We actually did this in two different ways with two different setups. In both ways you nuke the chains ofc, people gets out and when we had a mage in group he just simple frostnovaed all the adds in melee range of boss before the Skullcrusher was ready and tank moved out. They die and we repeated this one more time and got the achievment. The other time we didnt have a aoe root so we just had the tank pop his cooldowns in the first phase and just stayed in for the skullcrusher, he didnt even come close to dying with the help of some cds. Try not to have the tank standing in direct melee range, I think the dmg increases the closer you get.


    Arrested Development
    Difficulty: Hard (4)
    "Allow all three of Corla's zealots to evolve, then defeat Corla after slaying the evolved zealots in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty".

    Let one of them evolve at a time, they hit really hard so cds on tank is really helpfull, kill the adds asap and just spamheal. This is supersimple mechanics but its really random if the tank gets like oneshot or not.

    Karsh Steelbender

    To hot to handle
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat Karsh Steelbender after he has reached 15 stacks of Superheated Quicksilver Armor in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty".

    I think many players use a tactic where they reset his stacks and have adds spawning and kill them. That is just to make it harder, the trick is to have a tank with good tanking skills. He will just keep track of the debuff, getting a few at a time and before it wears of he will take a few more, when the stacks get high he might need to take as few as one or two at a time because group healing get kind of hard. But with never reseting stacks DPS gets really good and you should be able to kill him in a minute or two. We actually heard that this achievment was really hard, but ended up oneshotting it two times in a row with different people.

    Ascendant Lord Obsidius

    Ascendant Descending
    Difficulty: Medium (3)
    "Defeat Ascendant Lord Obsidius without any party member reaching 4 stacks of Crepuscular Veil in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty".

    We used a frost mage one time and a affli lock another time to to kite the adds. It is really simple if you have some coordination and kiting skills. The only thing you need to know is that the threat of this mobs is working so that the LAST player who attacks it will have aggro, it can be a 1dmg attack but it will still draw aggro. This is actually perfect for a affli lock since the dots will tick all the time making it less vulnerable to healing aggro.

    We had a earthbind totem in the middle of the room which the kiters used to their help and saved blink/portal for this oh shit situations. If you dont have a good kiter to do this alone you can just loose one dps from the boss and have to dps helping each other out, the fight gets longer but its really easy to kite this way. Dont get afraid if they get close to you and start the channel thing, as long as they dont melee you wont get debuffs. When the boss switches you just quickly adapt to that and other group members can help for a few seconds to get the kiting stable again.

    Well that is it. I hope you enjoy this and get some help from it, I think most of the achievments is fun but it was tiring to get all the info on my own and I hope this will make your trying easier!

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