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    How to utterly destroy a protection paladin.

    Part 1.

    Error. This task is impossible to complete and has been aborted.

    Advice: We sincerely ask of you to go read a book before you to decide to join their evil forces and reroll one of your own.

    Result: Mission failed.

    Status: Undeafeated.

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    lol? >_>_>>_>>

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    Hahahaha, quite funny to be honest. :P

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    Lol! i would suggest another protection paladin to destory a protection paladin
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    The answer to this query is easily Chuck Norris.


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    I was honestly expecting some kind of buffer overflow

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    /Mission reactivated
    /Objective: Destroy prot pally
    /Advice: kite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathonjar View Post
    /Mission reactivated
    /Objective: Destroy prot pally
    /Advice: kite
    lol jk, Freedom- avengers!

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    1: collosive smash
    2: mash keys
    3: ????
    4: =profit
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMuggles View Post
    1: collosive smash
    2: mash keys
    3: ????
    4: =profit
    Might wanna try colossus smash and mas MS and OP but close enough.

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    i play prot pally in pvp and the only class i struggle with are locks constant fears never been beaten by melee or hunters 1 on 1 but to be fair i shouldnt be getting beat by them.

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    Wouldn't a Blood DK (nevermind that they're not great against casters) be epic lulz against Prot paladin? :B

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    To be fair i did laugh. Good job OP!
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    Not really a guide but it made me laugh, well done.

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    My dear main is a lock, and a prot pally mearly takes some time to bring down... But down they go... All of them

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    As a PvE Prot pally, the one thing I really hate to run into in the world is a mage. Anyone Melee I can whittle down, other casters and I can harass or escape from, frost mages get me easily.

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    I can tell this is a joke, but it's not really funny as protection paladins are are ez mode to kill. I play and Unholy DK.

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    1. Play a Mage
    2. Go AFK
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    Edit: This isn't a "rip" on Mages. I play a Mage (fire, at that). A Prot Pally is only...annoying. No real threat.
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