The following is for Destruction and Demonology Spec:
[I both acknowledge and respect Affliction, But have yet to swap one for it]

Look up [email protected], for spec and glyphs.
"Please ignore my gems/enchants hehe"


Stats: Int always first
Hit, Not so important in 5-mans skip if you want.

The following macro is very helpful, Both specs.
/castsequence [nomod] reset=target/combat/13 Immolate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate;[mod:shift] Incinerate; Immolate

Use the ? mark icon for it, basically a one button immolate incinerate.

Short fight rotation, Immolate, Conflag, Incinerate spam.
Long fights Bane of doom, Curse of elements, Soulburn, Soul fire for haste buff.
Then immolate conflag Chaos bolt, incinerate spam.


Stats: Int always first
Hit, Again not important in 5-mans.

Aoe Godmode:

Big Group of mobs coming up, Swap to demon before the pull.
Grant your pet Demonic Empowerment, activate the felguard's Felstorm.
Activate metamorphosis, Demon leap into the fray, Hit Shadow flame, Then Immolation Aura, And spam hellfire
Dance dance dance, Aoe racks up fast.

Short fights: Corruption immolate and some shadow bolt spams, unless molten core procs
Soul burn a soul fire when your molten core procs.

Long fights:
Start the fight with soul burn soul fire, for haste.
Bane of doom, Corruption, Curse of elements.
Then Start the Rotation Shadow bolts until molten core, Soul-fire when the boss hits 25% hp, spam Soul fire and corruption.

UI Addons: Clockwise from Top left:
Default Unitframes "Can't Stand not being able to Rightclick Focus"
Default Buff's "All in-game Buff/Debuff options On"
Tiptac "Moveable Tooltip"
Rbottombarstyler "Set to Diablo3"
Dominos "Very useful you can create extra bars and Hidden bars"
[To make a bar hidden set its faded opacity to 0, it will be visible when your mouse is on it]
Prat Chat addon

Hidden addons:
Recount, you dont raid with it open its distracting, Defeats the purpose.

Thank you for reading my guide, Hope to see your dps go up, As well as your warlock Evil Deeds.