Walls they are everywhere in WoW! They will stalk you, find you, and try to hug you while you are kiting a zombie and you will find yourself dead. Walls can be invisible, visible, or illusionary they are everywhere and you must always be on the lookout to try and avoid them.

Now time for me to break this down on

1.The dangers of walls
2.How to avoid the walls
3.The False Illusion of Walls
4.The Conclusion

The Dangers of Walls

Walls how are they dangerous you ask? They aren't.....As long as you don't run into one....

Walls are constantly trying to get you to run into them, ever wonder why there are invisible walls? They aren't there to protect you from falling, they are there because the walls want you to run into them get cornered and have an angry mob come up and one shot you. Example of this? The valritha dreamwalker fight,

A hunter was kiting the zombies in 25 man like normal, and oh no the zombie is getting close to him! He disengages and bam hits the invisible wall he didnt see, he tries to run but its to late the zombie gets to him cornered to the wall and he gets one shotted. Now you may say its the zombie who killed him, but no i say its the wall, if that wall hadnt been there to stop him he would have survived to live another zombie kiting day.

Other examples of these deadly walls, the fire walls in ICC and other fire walls to come. These walls shoot out at you and kill you on sight, it may not look like it but they are walls! A wall is something blocking you from proceeding and if you are dead there is no proceeding. Ever wonder why people say they just hit a wall? Its because the wall stopped them from proceeding and in many cases kills the idea or person off.

So these cases prove it, as well as many other reported cases of walls appearing and stopping players in times of dire need, walls want to find you, and kill you so they can wipe your raid!

How to Avoid the Walls

Avoiding the walls is almost an impossible task, they are everywhere! They lurk around every corner just waiting for somebody to run straight into them, Azeroth is filled with them and they are deadly and want you dead!

Now the question is, there is an almost there so, how can you avoid them? Its simple, you must know where they are! Now to know where they are you must map out where the walls are so you know how far you can go without hitting one, walls may be everywhere but they cant chase you. They literally fit the saying you can run but you cant hide, because this is exactly the case.

Most walls make themselves obvious to you and those as long as you are paying somewhat attention should be easy to maneuver around, but the walls you must be extra careful about are the invisible walls. You don't know these are there until you hit them first hand, whether you disengage into one and get slaughtered by a zombie, or expect to make a fall but you are completely blocked off these walls are acting like they are saving you only to let you die.

You must know exactly where these walls are and know exactly when to move before you get hit by it, or say good bye to living this attempt.

The False Illusion of Invisible Walls

As said above invisible wall are the most dangerous kinds, but not just because you cant see them but you get the false illusions of them. When you need them to be there they aren't, and when you really don't want them there they are.

Invisible walls make you think they are there and laugh as you run off a cliff thinking they will save you, they give you the false illusion of safety, and when they are there they try hard to make you think they aren't to frighten you and give the false illusion of danger. Test for yourself before it actually matters where these walls are, its better to test out where they are and find them so you can avoid them or use them appropriately to your advantage.

Either do that or learn when it actually matters and where you should have already known and die during the crucial attempt.

The Conlcusion

If you learned anything from this guide let it be this, the walls are out there, and they are going to try and find you. You must know where they are, use them to your advantage, and avoid them when no advantage is given, because during an attempt running into a wall most of the times means a nice long run back for you.