While my first spec is Frost DPS I had to off tanking may times because the other tanks have not logged in for several reasons. So here I leave how to off-tanking Lana'thel as 10-man or 25-man normal or heroic, it doesn't matter. If you read this guide I promise you to have a succeed in a 100%.

First, take a look at this image, it will clarify the encounter and make it simplier


We let the Main Tank to pull, we stand at his side and ... THAT'S IT!

Note - If you're the MT try to do some agroo and.... THAT'S IT!

Note2 - type h t t p : : / / to go to the link image, an error fo the forum make me not allowerd to post any kind of link etc....etc....

OFF-Guide . I posted this guide in my blog. I tried to translate to english as best as I could xDD Leave the url of the original.
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