Guide to being the best you can be Cata Raids and Dungeons.

This is just going to be a simple guide with all the techniques that you can use to make yourself the best you can possibly be.

First, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t know the fight or you want clarifications on certain mechanics ask. Most groups are going to be okay with explaining the fight as it will go a long way towards preventing a wipe. In the same respect if somebody else asks a question, don’t get frustrated. You were clueless just like that them at one point and it only takes a couple minutes to explain a fight.

Second, know everything you can about your class. Knowing everything about your class is very important. It will help from knowing how to reforge your gear for best performance to knowing how to do everything that can help your raid/party.

Thirdly, a possibly more important than number two, know as much as possible as every other class that’s not your own. You are likely going to know a lot about your class simply due to the amount of time that you had been playing it. Knowing other classes gives you better understandings of the limitations as well as the benefits of these classes. For example, who here (who is not a shaman) knew hex has a 45 second CD. This is why you can not expect a shaman to “re-hex” a mob if the CC is broken. A greater knowledge would allow players to also know that a glyph of hex can remove the CD on Hex to 30 seconds.

Fourth, know what I like to call the 3 basic rules of not sucking. These rules work for most encounters and these are the exact rules I use when going against a boss for the first time until I can learn actual mechanics.

Rule 1) Don’t stand in things that look painful. E.G. Fire, Spikes, etc.

Rule 2) Kill the adds, this works for most fights save for a few (Heroic Beauty comes to mind), But in general adds are bad and deserve a gruesome death.

Rule 3) REACT! If there’s a spell that’s the boss is casting, interrupt it. If there’s a pulse AoE that the boss is casting run away. If theres something on the ground get out of it. If the healer is OOM help with healing/ pop CD’s. If the tank dies switch stances/form / pop CDs.

Now these rules don’t always work, e.g. sometimes the fire is good (Go get your haste buff) sometimes the adds can’t die or the boss enrages etc.

Lastly, a possibly the most important of all, relax! It’s just a game, theres no need to freak out because your virtual avatar died and had to spend 10 of his virtual gold. It really isn’t as important as some people may think. We all play this game to have fun, well I don’t know about you but I don’t have a fun if I’m getting myself frustrated. Just remember to relax and have fun! It will make the experience much more enjoyable not mention it will help you play better.

Enjoy and have fun!