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    Guild Achievement Tips and Tricks

    Hello, and welcome to the guild achievements tips and tricks post!

    My name is Okard, and I will be your friendly hunter from the horde on Stormrage today to discuss some strategies on how to earn some quick guild achievement points. Bare in mind, this will certainly require some teamwork with the rest of your guild, so bring your best with you!

    As we most know, guild achievements no longer help with guild experience. Regardless, many people enjoy the achievement aspect of the game. If you need to encourage your guildies, remind them that your guild will still get perks for doing specific achievements, such as pets and mounts! If anything, at least you will someday sit on a level 25 guild with many guild achievements in your pockets. This will not only look impressive, but attract many people looking for a decent guild to play in. So let's begin!


    For starters, there are always general achievements that do not require actual groups to do. However, combining up and doing them on your spare time will be very beneficial. For example, you may need to kill fifty thousand critters for an armadillo pet, but that could be very time consuming. Or could it? Perhaps, you could get a raid of people and take them to a small area where nobody is at, but critters seem to inhabit happily. Our guild has discussed Moonglade as an excellent option. With full focus, we could have one hundred or so in about a minute. A little farming here and some spare time could quickly achieve this goal and let you show off your brand new pet! There are many small achievements like this, and they could be very fun and bring your guildies closer together.

    As far as professions go, I do not recommend telling guildies what to be. You wouldn't want someone asking you to switch professions, would you? Instead, create a system. Notice who has what professions, and stay strictly within guild. This will not only prevent you from spending unnecessary gold, but it will up your counters. If you are a miner and engineer, but you need some gems, perhaps farm some elementium and let the Jewelcrafter prospect it. This in turn will allow them to create what you want, assuming the right gem is available, while also creating a few extra to add to the counter. If you feel the need to buy from the auction house, perhaps you could buy uncut gems and let your guild jewelcrafter cut them for you. This strategy can be applied to almost any profession. While, it may be a little more time consuming, it is less expensive and more beneficial.

    As your guild gains levels, you will gain specific perks. At my time of writing this, we are currently level five, and we have a perk called Cash Flow. With many people leveling and doing dungeons, gold could quickly add up in the guild bank, and this extra gold would be great for an achievement that includes doing so much in guild repairs. Hint, hint. Watch your guild perks, they will be a good boost to get you your much wanted guild achievements. For example, if you have a leveling speed boost, you could help get one or two of the level 80 race and class combinations that are more rare. Perhaps that rare blood elf or draenei, depending on your faction.

    As far as PvN (player versus nothing, adapted it myself ^_^), just a little extra teamwork can help you achieve those special points a little bit quicker and it will make a tighter guild. A very helpful suggestion is to use a chat program. The most people seemingly to be Ventrillo. Our guild uses Ventrillo for anything that will help us with anything that relates to team work. Most of the tips seem to be common sense, with a little bit of strategy planning on the side. What is the best location for this achievement? What is the quickest way to gain that? Ask yourself these, and consult with your guild to see their suggestions. Before you know it, the numbers will start to rack up.


    The easiest way I can explain this is to do everything together. This will help you learn together, grow together, and succeed together. That is Blizzard's original intention. Do the normal instances together as much as possible, so that when you can do heroics, you will be more comfortable with your group. A heroic will always be harder with people you do not run with, or do not communicate with. And, there is usually 100% less chance of being kicked out for messing up on accident. It will be much more fun in this way of doing things, believe me.

    The thing about heroics is that the encounters are more difficult. Making mistakes can be fatal for the entire group, and therefore quick communication can be important. Once again, I definetely recommend Ventrillo. Doing these heroics as a guild, you can also take advantage of trying to get heroic bonus achievements that will result in a shiny new drake! Imagine a group of you on new drakes hanging out with the rest of the crowd, especially since it isn't facerolled achievements like the end of the last expansion. This will be another reason to impress others and have others want to be a part of your guild. When you have the spare time, grab three or four other guildies, and run into lower instances. Although it may be overkill, it still counts towards guild achievements!

    As far as raids go, I have not begun raiding quite yet in this expansion. But, due to speculation, I can imagine that the above can be implied for raids as well as heroics. The only difference being that you will need more people with you when you do them. Note, before doing raids you do not know, I recommend going to tankspot and watch videos on how to do the encounters. I realize that there is some new feature that should help you in game, but I have never seen it yet.

    As far as reputation goes, check out what everyone is doing. Are some people doing Thalazane rep first? Maybe they are working on hyjal. Unless you are after specific bonuses, go after the one that is least occupied. This will in turn get you that achievement quicker. Most guild probably do not have some of the lower rep, such as Keepers of Time or Violet Eye. Pick out days of the week or something to grab a group of people and farm it. Besides, with people doing rep achievements, you will get the 55 exalted reputations for the guild as well!

    PVE achievements are fairly easier with guildmates that know what they are doing, so do not fret at how long it might take to get something. You will be surprised how much sooner you would get it than you think. PVP However, may be a different story.


    I am not sure how much different it is to get achievements on a pvp server compared to the pve server I am on. I would probably think that there is an advantage of some sort from either side. Either way, draw your weapons ladies and gentleman, cause it is time to bring the war back into warcraft.

    With cataclysm just coming out recently, finding every class and race at level 85 may prove to be a difficult task for a while. For example, we are still on the search for a dwarf warlock. Unless someone race changed to that, then they are probably still being leveled up if there are any. Do not worry too much if you cannot find what you are looking for. There are always battlegrounds for that as well.

    It seems that Blizzard is encouraging us to attack home cities with the achievement requiring to kill 2500 in enemy cities. There are multiple ways of doing things such as this. You could do For the Horde/Alliance and just kill defenders, which may be the best choice. It may take multiple runs, but numbers add up quick. However, I only recommend this after everyone is geared and running raids, because it seems the gaurds have been working out while we were away in Northrend. A couple of us on our high level rogues went in and terrorized one of the cities to see if we can accomplish anything, but that is very slow in progression, although it was very fun.

    Everyone likes to win. Many people like to never lose, while others just enjoy it no matter what. If you are to try to gain achievements, there will be losses because your guild is not the only one competing in Azeroth to get their achievements done too. Queue up for some arena's and rated battlegrounds and get a feel for what you are expecting. After doing so, I recommend reading some guides online dealing with arena or battleground strategies. If you are working towards as many achievements as possible, it is highly possible that this will be the most time consuming, unless you are a pvp orientated guild. Fortunately, there are not so many pvp achievements that you need to get. The difficulty for the few there will make up for that. If you get frustrated, do not rage. Perhaps take a small break, get some food if you are hungry, and remember that it takes time and practice. Discuss what went wrong. How can you prevent it in the future?

    As far as pvp goes, a lot of time and coordination can be required for a well planned attempt, whether it is a battleground, arena, or even invading a city. Do not just grab people and go, as you may be lacking healers or buffs that may be beneficial to you and your raid.

    On the Side:

    Due to the terms and Conditions (just to be safe), I do not believe I can discuss addons in the forums. Ask your guildmates, or even me in game if you have any questions on the subject. My toon info is at the very top of this guide. I think I pretty much covered the guild achievement strategies that my guildmates and I have discussed and plan to achieve. The major tips to remember is that it is all teamwork! Use a good communication system and think to yourself "what is the best way to achieve this?" The closer your guild is, the more you will achieve. I do not recommend doing pick up groups if you can help it.Also, however bad you may want the achievements, never under any circumstance tell your guildies what to do. Work with them, but do not make them change things they don't want to change. This may cause negativity and you could even lose friends due to hostile decisions. The biggest thing about working together is keeping a positive influence, and you will get so much more accomplished.

    In closing, I hope that I have given some inspiration and insight to anyone that reads this. If i help at least one guild, then I will be happy about writing this. I truly hope the best to every guild, on either faction on any server. Best of luck in cataclysm!

    Okard, tauren hunter
    Wrath of Nature
    US - Stormrage
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